Why could we not see future Rahul Sankrutyayan in Kanhaiya Kumar?

Kanhaiya Kumar an icon of the oppressed masses
Sunil Khobragade

Some of pseudo Ambedkarites, specially BAMSEFISTS and BHUL Niwasi waman bhakts, has become fidgety with the emergence of Kanhaiyya Kumar as an icon of the oppressed masses. They are mentioning his Bhumihar caste and trying to malign him. They are highlighting that, Bhumihar are oppressors, they massacred Dalits, women, workers etc. they are raising questions about Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit massacre, About Ranveer Sena and raising doubts about Kanhaiya’s integrity to lead social transformation movement.

In this regard I have to say that this cynic clan is not interested to enlarge the circumference of Ambedkarism. They want to confine the movement within their ghetto.

It’s true that Some of Bhumihar maniacs like Brahmeshwar Prasad Singh and the organization like Ranveer Sena acted against Dalits. Citing their example every member of Bhumihar community can’t be blamed and branded anti Dalit.

If we see the history The Bhumihars were the first who fought to abolish Zamindari System and establish peasant’s right over land.
Prominent Bhumihar leader swami sahjanand sarswati laid Kisan Sabha and fought against his own caste leader Ganesh Dutt Singh who was pro-Zamindar.
Bhumhar leader Karyanand Sharma was the person who established Khet Mazdoor Sabha and fought for the cause of landless labourers mostly Dalits throughout his life.

Revolutionary Yogendra Shukla and Kishori Prasanna Sinha, both were prominent aides of martyr Bhagat Singh.
Bihar Kesari Dr. Krishn Singh Sinha was the first Chief Minister in India who abolished zamindary system by law.
Those who raise doubts about Kanhaiyya on the basis of his Bhumihar caste must read about the contribution of the great Buddhist monk Mahapandit Rahul Sankrutyayan towards spreading Buddhism. He was Kedarnath Pandey, a Bhumihar by birth. But later he sacrificed his entire life for Buddhism. Though Rahulji was Buddhist Monk he actively participated in Satyagraha against Zamindars. In 1939 when he participated in a Satyagraha at Amwari village in chhapra district along with his fellow monk Nagarjun, he was attacked by Bhumihar zamindars.
The blood oozing out of the head of yellow clad monk became rallying cry of the peasantry in Bihar.
Rahulji emerged as an inspiring figure of all the peasants, workers in Bihar at that time. Why could we not see future Rahul Sankrutyayan in Kanhaiya?

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