Uganda : farmers to use app to identify fall armyworm

Uganda : farmers to use app to identify fall armyworm

Farmers in Uganda can now quickly identify and report the presence of the fall armyworm using a mobile application system that has been jointly launched by the Ministry of Agriculture (Uganda) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The Fall Armyworm Monitoring and Early Warning System (Famews) is already in use in several African countries.

Acording to a report published in The East African The app works in a way that once a farmer checks their crops for infestation, they can upload the required data on the app.

The data is then validated by national fall armyworm focal points and transferred to a global web-based platform.

On the platform, it is analysed to give real-time feedback on the level of infestation, and the measures that need to be taken to control the spread of the invasive pest that originated in the Americas but since 2016 has devastated crops in Africa.

Since 2016, invasions of the worm have devastated crops, particularly maize, and threatened the food security of millions of people on the continent.

Acording to report experts say early detection is key to tracking and responding to the large-scale threat posed by the worm.

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