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65th Republic Day Celebrated at Raj path- Cultural Heritage, Tejas on Display

Maharashtra’s Tableau, NCC and NSS steal the Show
New Delhi, Jan. 26: The whole Nation celebrated its 65th Republic Day with great fervor today.  Maharashtra’s Tableau displaying the ‘Narali Purnima’, Dhanraj Lahane commanding the NCC team and Sopan Munde heading the NSS team were truly an amazing attraction and a delight to watch. This is the first time ever that the State of Maharashtra held the reins and led the NSS team.
           The true essence of Indian pride came alive on the 8km stretch from Raisina Hills to Red Fort as the marching contingents presented a brilliant display of the country’s military prowess and a kaleidoscope of cultural richness. Braving the fog and winter chill, proud spectators cheered as the various contingents marched past applauding various cultural heritages of different states.  Foreign Dignitaries were also present on this occasion.
  The day began with the PM Man Mohan Singh paying homage to the Unknown Soldier as he laid a floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial with the three service chiefs in attendance.  After the President unfurled the tricolor and a customary 21-gun salute was given to mark the occasion.
The impressive highlight of this year’s parade was the Tejas, the Indian ‘Light Combat Aircraft’, ‘Argon Mk-II’, the mark II version of Indian Main Battle Tank; a tableau displaying “Astra” and “Helina” missiles.
          The chief guest of this year’s parade was witnessed by Japan PM Shinzo Abe, who watched the tableaux along with Vice President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Defense Minister AK Antony, and top political and military brass.
           Multi-hued images of India’s rich cultural heritage, its achievements in diverse fields and military prowess were on majestic display at the magnificent Raj path.  Maharashtra’s Tableau displaying ‘Narali Pornima’ (Coconut Festival) a major festival and part of Maharashtra’s rich culture.  It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by the Koli Samaj of coastal Maharashtra.
           The tableau made colorful with a boat and a mural of Lobster at the forefront and at the rear we find a big Coconut, sea shells, conches and murals of fish and other species and unique stones found in the sea.  Murals of abundant variety of fish portrayed very scenically on the tableau.  Different styles of nets used for fishing were also an attraction.  A big Coconut to offer to the Sea God was placed in the Centre and two couples – one on the right and other at the left have been shown performing the Pornima Puja.   6 Artists representing the Koli community performed Koli Dance and dancing on the tunes of “Daryavari Aamchi Daule …… Aamhi Aho Jatiche Koli” a famous Marathi song sung by the Koli samaj people.
           The Designing of this Tableau was done done by former Prof. Dr. Narendra Vichare from Sir J.J.School of Arts designed this tableau and a 3-D presentation of the Tableau stole the show.
          This is the first time when Maharashtra’s 14 National Service Scheme (NSS) Volunteers and two volunteers from Goa participated in the team of 140 volunteers to walk the parade on this Republic Day.  Sopan Munde from Maharashtra commanded this team along with second lead from Maharashtra’s Varsha Thombare.
             The first tableau to roll down is from Uttar Pradesh titled ‘Subah-e-Banaras’ depicting the splendour of sunrise in Banaras, its ghats and the banks of Ganga at the Republic Day parade.  A tableau of Arunachal Pradesh displaying the Aji Lhamu dance was the highlight– one of the most prominent folk dances of the state for warding off the evil spirits. The Jammu and Kashmir tableau displayed the multi-cultural landscape and conflux of nomadic communities. The Assam tableau highlighted contribution of Bhupen Hazarika, the ‘Golden Voice of Assam’ while the tableau from Tamil Nadu celebrated Pongal, the harvest festival.

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