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AAP Government Forced to Resign!

Captain KK Singh
          It was unheard of, that a government of less than 2 months old, being targeted by all opponents, media and few internal traitors for not fulfilling its manifesto promises. In fact these united anti AAP political parties started this drama only after 2 weeks that AAP has failed on all accounts!!! It will not be surprising that these vultures never read the AAP manifesto and neither supported any act by this government whether work or decisions which it undertook in such a short time! Drafting of JLPB and Swaraj act was one of the finest acts it did, for which AAP came into existence. Here it won’t be out of context to remind readers that even Anna joined, wittingly or unwittingly, opposition to malign AAP government and recently advocated Kejriwal to emulate central JLPB which is not more than Jokepal! He declared his unhappiness on its performance as well, though he appreciated Swaraj draft! Media was gaga on exposing whether AK applied for 5 bedroom accommodation or not, whether other ministers took government vehicles or not, why ministers making rounds of colonies and hutments, illegal sex/drug rackets, why electricity and water subsidy was being given to common man, why AK sat on Dharanas for demanding action against erring police and full statehood to Delhi and other 100s of misinformation and lies by not only Congress and BJP’s small and medium level leaders but even the top leaders! Imagine Modi giving statement that death of Lido was national shame, who himself is sitting on murders of thousands of innocent women and children in 2002 and who is desperately trying to evict minority Sikh farmers from Gujarat who are settlers there since decades! Not to be out done, President too joined the band wagon by advising the ‘anarchist’ AK to follow constitution. Who will remind the Congress that it is sole party, besides BJP, to destroy constitution, LS, CAG, judiciary etc. for their corrupt and criminal aims? What happened in LS on 13 Feb, 2014, that is pepper spray by MP and previously watching porn video in VS was not for people’s cause! Here is another point to remember, that the Congress, BJP and all their other allies are for the corporates and their sole aim is to enhance their profit rates. The so called concern of falling GDP or growth rate is not for the people but for the corporates who receive huge subsidy from these parties and in turn get huge donations! AAP opposed such mal practices and was only party to advocate national wealth for the mass! In passing, readers will appreciate, corporates’ controlled media was ‘friendly’ to AAP after its great performance in Delhi VS election but went against it once it cancelled FDI licence and FICCI showed its unhappiness with this decision. AAP’s members like Capt. Gopi Nath too opposed its stand on FDI! There was another hue and cry on AAP’s stand on Khap, where AAP supported villager’s right to assemble and take useful decisions, where there was not even a whimper when others supported it full-fledged even after SC verdict to scrap its existence! Whatever, the rising popularity and AAP membership swelling more than 1 Crore by the end of January, 2014 was shocking to the existing ‘classical’ political parties and worse was its resolve to implement is manifesto including JLPB, Swaraj, FDI! This government went beyond unimaginable barrier of “gentle” politics of corrupts and criminals and gave a lesson to masses on how to revolt against established method of exploitation!
This was unacceptable to the corrupts and criminals and the entire existing parties, their henchmen, police, bureaucrats, men holding constitutional posts like LG, President united tacitly to discredit AAP and demolish it. Surely Corporations’ fund and ‘instructions’ too mobilised these parasites. We have seen such acts in past in various other countries like Iran in 1934, Venezuela, Nicaragua etc. where Imperialists joined to demolish ‘revolutionary’ or even those government which opposed loot of people’s wealth. Here, we do not have direct foreign hands to join local politics but FDI episode and FICCI, Gopinath opposing AAP points a united front. Kejriwal’s outburst on Congress, BJP on their tacit silence on whistle-blower Snowden’s asylum bid to India could be another ground for suspicion. AAP’s order to audit Discom and Ambani’s controlled electricity Co could be another reason for opponents’ grand unity! Once again, US Ambassador meeting Modi could have such backgrounds in minds of US/EU merchants! Whatever, the AAP government since its inception had seeds of instability, which Kiran Bedi was very fond of ‘exposing’ and advocating support in favour of Modi! Yet, the common man, peasants and workers love AAP for its resolve to work in their favour! Coming LS election they are going to give massive support to the new unconventional party, though it’s difficult to forecast any number in its favour, but can be anywhere between 100 and 200 as of now! People are politically conscious today, like in 1974-77, and the ‘misinformation’ by the opponents are only strengthening their resolves to vote AAP! What these vultures, surviving on dead bodies, did in Delhi Vidhan Sabah to defeat JLPB, was being seen by the people of Delhi and India and will not forget this for ever!

About the author

Captain KK Singh, (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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