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AIDWA expresses deep condolences on passing away of Com. Umanath

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AIDWA expresses deep condolences on passing away of Com. Umanath
 AIDWA expresses its deep grief and condoles the demise of Com. R. Umanath, on May 21st 2014, at the age of 92, in Trichy, Tamil nadu. He was one of the great leaders of the Communist movement in India, having joined the party at the young age of 18 years. He faced the repression that was unleashed against the party with fortitude, spending many years underground, and more than 9 years in jail on trumped up cases of conspiracy. During this period, he met and married Com. Pappa Umanath, signifying the beginning of a long lasting comradeship that was touching and inspiring to many who sought equality within the married home. It was a great partnership which provided role models to young couples, demonstrating that both husband and wife could be active revolutionaries, and bring up a family with a progressive outlook at the same time.

Com. Umanath played a significant role in building up the trade union movement at the national level, and guided the working class struggles in multiple sectors. He was also elected to parliament, and to the state legislature and his interventions in both the houses were greatly appreciated even by his opponents for their content and precision. He was equally meticulous in preparing for public meetings, and was an acclaimed orator. He would combine satire with sharp facts to punch home the issues, making a powerful impact on the audience.

 Com. Umanath was known to take gender sensitive positions on issues, thereby encouraging women’s entry into politics and political leadership within the party. He would oppose patriarchal norms within and outside the party uncompromisingly. He lived his own life on these principles, and would not tolerate rationalization of anti women practices. He was a stickler for discipline and straightforward in his criticism, qualities that helped towards organizational consolidation when his guidance was sought by various organizations.  His simplicity and charm made him very popular among common people.

His death is a great loss for the left movement, and the progressive women’s movement in the country. AIDWA conveys its deep condolences to his daughters, U Vasuki, National Secretary of AIDWA, and a CC member of the CPI(M)  and to U. Nirmala, lawyer and AIDWA leader in Tamil Nadu, and all other family members.  We share in their grief. We pledge to continue the work and overcome the challenges being faced by the Left movement and progressive forces in the country at this juncture.

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