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AIDWA submitted a memorandum to the CP

New Delhi. Representatives of several women’s organsations along with Sanju Rana, the husband of the women who died in the egg donation programme last month in Delhi, met Mr.  Deepak Mishra, Special CP, Law and Order to ask for expecting the investigation in the case which has not progressed beyond a preliminary post mortem.

Mr. Mishra assured the delegation  that  viscera has been sent for forensic examination and  the report would be out in a month. He also assures that the police department would ensure speedy justice in this case.

The delegation submitted a memorandum to the CP, which is as follows-


New Delhi

              26th Feb.2014


Shri. Deepak Mishra,

Special C.P, Law & Order,

New Delhi.


Dear Shri Deepak Mishra,

AIDWA would like to bring to your attention a very serious case of a 26 year old woman who died while being subjected to medical procedures as part of the egg donation programme of the New Life India clinic based in Lajpat Nagar (32, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi, 110024) New Delhi.  The case details of the victim, Yuma Sherpa,W/o Sanju Rana who came to Delhi from Darjeeling seven years back  in 2007 and was working here as a shop assistant in Lodhi Colony are enclosed.

Yuma had been persuaded by agents of the clinic to donate her eggs, and started undergoing the procedure since Jan 8th 2014. Subsequently, she had complained of discomfort after being given injections but was forced to continue with the egg donor procedures by the clinic since the doctors in the hospital misguided her by threatening that if she discontinue the medical process it may lead to pregnancy!  On Jan 29th, the surgical procedure for harvesting of eggs was carried out in the clinic, and she had been brought to the recovery room from where she rang up her husband. The husband came there, found that she was not responding, and immediately informed the staff. But the doctors and the hospital staff did not examine the patient; rather, they assured the husband that she was resting due to the medication that had been given to her. Due to their laxity, and irresponsibility in not taking steps to treat her in time, the patient died. The culpability of the clinic, which continued with the procedure despite Yuma’s earlier complaints of discomfort like rashes, stomach pain and mood shifts is evident. The criminal negligence on the day of the operation leading to her death at such a young age has to be taken note of and acted upon urgently. There is a clear negligence from the hospital authority to save Yuma’s life and they took her in the last moment to another private hospital in Greenpark, Adiva (bypassing AIIMS and Safdurjung hospitals, which are on the way from Lajpat Nagar;) and from there they declared her death.  When the family members including her husband approached the hospital authorities to check the reason for her death, they avoided them and tried to offer money and settle the matter illegally.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences constituted a committee on 30-1-2014 to conduct post mortem headed by Dr. DN Bharadwaj, Head of the department, Forensic Medicine and the committee consisting of doctors Sudhir Gupta, Girish Tyagi and Milo Tebin which has yet to submit the Viscera report. We are anxious about the unprecedented delay in submitting forensic reports.

AIDWA has already written to Department of health and the police commissioner on 31-1-2014 and not received notice of any affirmative action from either of the authorities.

Hence we place before you the following demands:

We request you to take the necessary steps to ensure that the New Life India clinic, is sealed, all the relevant records are obtained, and a proper investigation be conducted into the case to determine culpability, and arrest the culprits.
We request you to conduct an impartial enquiry to explore whether the New Life India hospital is following the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) Guidelines which the only prescribed law governing medical procedures related to egg donation and other procedures related to assisted reproduction. The prescribed guidelines insist on the requirement of signature of the husband, accreditation of the clinic under ICMR, proper counseling; all these requirement were not followed in Yuma’s case.
We also demand that stringent action be taken against the police authorities who refused to register a complaint citing jurisdiction issues, and against the authorities who have delayed registration of the FIR, causing distress to the family of the victim.
We also request you to act to get the forensic reports without further delay, since it is a crucial document in police enquiry. Already, the postmortem report, and FIR have been inexcusably delayed.

We believe that delayed justice is denied justice and request your intervention to ensure justice in this case.

With thanks,

Yours faithfully,     


Sd/-                                                                      Sd/-                            Sd/-            Sd/-

  Sudha Sundararaman                          Aruna Roy                   Beenu        Vineeta

 (Vice President, AIDWA)                     (NFIW)                        (Sama)            (Saheli)

    Sd/-                                                       Sd/-                                                      Sd/-

  Maimoona Mollah                            Jyotsna Chataterjee                 Tapasi Praharaj

  (Vice president, Delhi JMS)                (JWP)                                             (AIDWA)




(Yuma’s Husband)

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