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Anna Supports Mamta! Fall of Anna!

K K Singh
धर्मनिरपेक्ष भारत के लिए बेहतर प्रधानमंत्री होंगी ममता- बुखारी 24 Feb, 2014!
Anna opposes joining politics, as to him its root cause of corruption and hence decided to be away from it on all cost. Fine, same logic applied to AK for having formed a political party and Anna maintains a distance. But Mamta is different as she agreed to his points and wears Chappals, but can her past be forgotten, where she allied to UPA and NDA to remain in power, and that is her sole aim, to remain in power! Is this not her sheer opportunism?
Yet, Anna declares his support for Mamta, that too for PM!! And on close heals, Shahi Imam too declares her as great secular person and candidate for PM! Any political analyst will discard the idea of Mamta becoming PM of India as her party TMC’s presence is negligible out of Bengal!
Reason is apparently different. Many other aspects of Mamta’s administration exposed her fickle mindedness, dictatorship and her aversion to a good governance. Now undiluted JLPB is no more a bone of contention for any political party as Jokepal is accepted by Anna and the corrupt parties as well, including Lalu, Modi, so Mamta is happy allying with Anna, maybe she manages to become a national leader and her party may again share government at centre!
Anna has harmed AAP in past wittingly or unwittingly, as he did in Delhi VS election that too just in nick of time to harm AAP maximum and it did harm!
After resignation of AK and AAP government in Delhi, people, specially youths and students have been allying with this party en mass not only for a corruption free India but also to teach anti-people Congress and BJP!
This has been visible, not only in metropolitan cities but in rural areas as well. Swelling of its membership in UP, Bihar, NE India, South, Gujarat has been a great worry for BJP and its strategist including RSS. Incidentally, RSS claims to be behind the success of Anna’s movement for JLPB!
So, the hunt for an alternate was going on for some time and TMC popped up as a common choice. Bengal was not a green pasture for BJP and Modi’s rally was a big flop in Kolkata. That was a joker in the pack, which could be used anywhere and was readily acceptable to BJP strategists to counter AAP, as Mamta will willingly ally with BJP (or even Congress) to from a government in centre. BJP butchered Gujarat Lokayukta and which along with Congress helps crony capitalism to usurp greater profit on cost of common man, peasants and workers! I do not have to guess the role of Kiran Bedi, VK Singh, etc!
Bukhari’s support to Mamta came as surprise but we can guess, its strategy to counter AAP and sure enough, he is going to support Congress in other parts of India! Its business and power politics!
Well, whatever, the strategy may be of the anti-AAP think tanks, it failed on 12March, 2014 in Ramlila Maidan, when Anna failed to arrive there though Mamta did arrive, late, and declared that this was not her party’s gathering but that of Anna to the crowd which was not even in 4 figures. Anna’s aid said he was not well to attend the meeting but later Anna himself said that there was no crowd and even later he clarified that he was cheated!!!!!!!!!!
I had been a fan of Anna and one of the faceless agitator in Ramlila maidan and other parts of Delhi, but now I feel for the greater cause of India and its common citizens, we must distance from him, his vision and his tactics and sadly from his leadership. His role with our revolution is over and though there is no need to confront him as he is still revered among mass and youths but our path must be independent of him! AAP must distance from him in the greater interest of revolution for common man, as a single mistake will harm the cause irreparably and we have seen that in past! Worse, he is blunting mass revolution and fine distinction between AAP and others!
I am sure, AAP top and young leaders are aware of this very crucial matter, must be contemplating ways to counter this “menace” but only advise to them is, do not delay in this matter, becoming ostrich will only harm AAP and a difficult and rare opportunity to bring Swaraj!

About the author

Captain KK Singh, (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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