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Arvind Kejriwal Manhandled

K K Singh
AAP leaders are repeatedly attacked by goons in recent past and such attacks have increased as election is nearing! Some of the Twitter of fans of Modi and naturally RSS followers on attack on Arvind Kejriwal are as 1 Nitish Kumar Diwakar ‏@NitishDiwakar Today Arvind Kejriwal was slapped. Today’s Slap was more realistic and better choreographed then earlier one .#SlappedAgain 2. An outlaw ‏@Great_Gujarati #SlappedAgain haaaa. Rubbing salt into the wounds LOL ! Timesnow is a piece ! 3. Manish Pant ‏@manishpant It seems people have now understand the meaning of धरना thats why they are roghty doing धरना कान के नीचे। #SlappedAgain 4. Strange: Yuvi don’t play well one day we pelt stones at his house; a Neta don’t do anything for 49 days we slap him just once. #SlappedAgain 5. TIMES NOW ‏@timesnow An auto rickshaw driver allegedly slapped AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal in north west Delhi #SlappedAgain pic.twitter.com/oWnWkEQrWG There are 1000s of them, where one can gaze the standard of low language and glee. Even media like Times Now joins the chorus (Read the last Twit). Some of them are so abusive that they cannot be reproduced here. Such and filthier comments are on FB and other social media also! Many questions arise here. Even though our country does not have people’s democracy (Otherwise how do you justify more than 8 Crore homeless destitute and 10 Crore child labours with enough wealth to feed them for decades), such acts do not commensurate with our tradition.
Are such acts of violence on social media or in fields spontaneous or engineered? Many of us may not remember, in previous election, when India Shining flopped, the goons of RSS and BJP thrashed people on roads in Bihar, elsewhere and even manhandled common man openly as they thought ‘their victory’ was sure. Did not Bala Sahib Thakre show his anger when few of SS goons were arrested and criticised his own government by saying what’s the benefit of having own government?? Something is very funny. Congress and other parties are very corrupt and work for big corporates like Ambani, yet when they are on verge of getting victory or when they are in power, such open fascism is not common. What is difference in BJP/RSS and others? Once they sense power, their behaviours is that of low level street urchins! Top leaders deny that these goons are from their party or may even support them like in case of Amit Shah, who openly advocated revenge of Jats’ murder in Muzaffarnagar riot!!!!!!!! Yes, these goons are trained by RSS and they follow RSS culture of violence and low level acts on social media and in fields and they are paid for such acts and our judicial system fails to punish them due its failure to provide justice to common man! What is reaction of middle class intelligentsia? Some of these pseudo ‘thinkers’ are for big corporates in name of freedom of market, freedom of speech and few of them for so called ‘Hindu Rashtra’ being panacea. BJP is alternate of Congress, who openly support big corporates, MNCs, FDI and hence becomes adorable for some of middle class as well, especially in urban cities. This culture of power and vandalism has not only developed in India but in entire 3rd world countries and even in some developed countries. The chain of power and money percolates from the top big corporates to street goons via politicians and bureaucrats, works well to control the vast majority of people and during the rise of people works to divide them on religious, caste and regional line! Such acts, except few, are planned, paid and executed. How effective are these to demoralise the opposition or even turn away the supporters from the victim? As per me, these acts only help them to keep their own goons with them and is not likely to deter the vast majority of population to stop supporting their party just because some anti-social elements have attacked their leaders. However, it’s not the mass, which can comprehend this phenomenon holistically, but has to be understood by the leaders who wish to lead the revolution and then lead the mass in right direction! Hope this movement of AAP, since Anna’s movement for JLPB, learns enough lessons to counter such fascistic and anti-democratic peculiarity of our society, of corrupt, criminal parties, whose base lies in economy, funded by big corporates to control the mass and continue exploiting them without much hindrance!!

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Captain KK Singh, (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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