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Using machine learning, scientists develop pre-screening tool for cancer

Health News

Every year 42,000 people die due to Esophageal cancer in India New Delhi, July 31 (India Science Wire):  Esophageal cancer or cancer of the food pipe is among common cancers that occur in India. Every year some 47,000 new cases are reported and 42,000 people die due to this cancer. Its occurrence is particularly high in the north-eastern states. It …

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New method developed to test cancer drugs

Liver cancer

New Delhi, July 31 :  Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras have found a way to develop non-animal models to test new cancer drugs. Human body contains different types of cells. Among them are stem cells that help in regenerating and repairing various organs and tissues. This characteristics of stem cells and the discovery of the origin of leukemia …

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New molecule promises to address drug resistance

News on research on health and science

New Delhi, July 31th : Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore have designed an antimicrobial protein that promises to kill multidrug-resistant bacterium called Acinetobacter baumannii. The bacterium is among those responsible for most of the infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings, and is fast becoming resistant to available antibiotics. Researchers used bioinformatics approach to design a protein …

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Greta Thunberg to sail across the Atlantic to continue climate campaign in the Americas

Greta Thunberg, 16, is a climate activist from Sweden who started a school strike in front of the Swedish parliament in August 2018. Since then, her initiative has inspired school strikes for climate action in more than 150 countries. More than two million people attended global school strikes in March and in May. Greta plans to continue striking every Friday until Sweden is in line with the Paris climate agreement. Greta has addressed decision-makers at the UN climate summit in Poland, at the World

Climate activist Greta Thunberg will sail from Europe to North America in August, kicking off a climate tour through the Americas over the next few months. The sailboat is outfitted with solar panels and underwater turbines to allow for a zero-carbon, trans-Atlantic voyage. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, has announced that she will travel to the United States by …

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Could A Form of Cell Death Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy?


New research suggests that inducing a form of controlled cell death called necroptosis in or around tumor cells can help the immune system rid the body of cancer cells. Necroptosis is an explosive form of cell death during which a cell typically swells and then bursts. In the study, researchers found that injecting cells undergoing necroptosis into tumors in mice …

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Why Independence of judiciary is More Necessary for Us than the Judge

Hailing from Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Prof. Sinha had a PG Degree in English and Ph.D. in Linguistics from Poona University (1967) studying the grammar of Lepcha language of Sikkim in relation to Bengali, Santhali, Hindi and Vajjika. He retired as Professor of English from RDS College, Muzaffarpur under Bihar University. Right from his school days in the 1950’s he was involved with the democratic movements of students and suffered fracture and other injuries when police lathi charged agitating students in Patna. He played a leading role in agitation for a judicial enquiry into the police firing on the students of Patna university and later on represented the students in the judicial enquiry headed by the Chief Justice of Patna High court .

The effort to make the judiciary subservient to the executive persists in a new form. The Law Minister has declared that he would not remain a post office and has been making good his threat. He delayed the appointment of K. M. Joseph Chief Justice of Himanchal Pradesh as a judge of the SC for his judgment against President rule …

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Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande team up in Court

Chicken Curry Law HR Teaser Poster

Mumbai, 29th July 2019. Veteran performers Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande will be seen sharing screen space and engaged in major face off in an upcoming social drama Chicken Curry Law.  The film throws light on severe social problems around women’s safety and depicts the foreigner’s tryst with the law in India. Makrand and Ashutosh are all set to enthral …

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Lack of awareness and timely intervention resulting in disabilities due of leprosy: study

Health news

New Delhi, July 28th 2019 :  Delay in detection of leprosy symptoms is leading to high proportion of visible deformities among the patients, a new study has shown. The delay in diagnosis occurs at both patient level as well as healthcare provider level. It is contributing significantly to disability among adult leprosy patients. A major proportion of patients who were …

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Setting right a defective heart condition

Health news

Bengaluru, July 28th 2019 : CPVT – Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia– is a life-threatening heart anomaly caused due to improper electrical activity in the heart. Intense physical strain or emotional stress leads to erratic heartbeats. By Susheela Srinivas   Calcium ions are stored in cell structures of the heart muscles. When they move to and fro, a potential gradient is created …

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Typewriter actor says Sujoy Ghosh is one of the coolest directors

Actor Harish Khanna who recently featured in a Netflix web series titled ‘Typewriter’,

Sujoy Ghosh is one of the coolest directors I have worked with, have high regards for him, says Harish Khanna Mumbai 28th July 2019 (News helpline). Actor Harish Khanna who recently featured in a Netflix web series titled ‘Typewriter’, has said that Sujoy Ghosh who is director of horror-thriller web series is one of the coolest directors to work with …

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