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Country needs today Alternative Policies, Not merely alternative of Parties and Personalities- Akhilendra

Lucknow, 31 March-Country needs today alternative policies, not merely alternative of Parties and personalities. Because, there is complete consensus among Congress, BJP and SP, BSP like regional parties on the anti-people policies that have pushed the nation into acute economic crisis, megascams, spiraling price-rise, unemployment and insecurity. So, All India peoples Front (AIPF) appeals to the people to convert the General election into a referendum on peoples issues and policies and elect  such candidates who stand for them so that the voice of resistance against these disastrous policies, that have engulfed the country into serious crisis and made the life hell for the common people, could be raised in the Parliament. AIPF will support all such progressive, democratic forces and candidates.

Declaring it here in a Press Conference, Akhilendra Pratap Singh, National Convener, AIPF said that AIPF conducted a referendum on this issue in two selected seats of Robertsganj and Kaiserganj. We selected these seats because Robertsganj ,despite being rich in natural resources, is the most backward region of the state and Kaiserganj, despite being rich sugarcane belt, is made to languish among the most backward regions of the country, converting it into a laboratory of communal politics since long. On the basis of massive support we received in the referendum conducted among nearly 25 thousand voters in each constituency, AIPF has decided to field Prof. Nehaluddin Ahmad, a well known personality of democratic movements and champion of minority rights from Kaiserganj and SR Darapuri, Ex. IG and leader of democratic movements and champion of dalit-tribal right. CPI(M), Muslim organization and other democratic forces are supporting our candidates.
 Prof. Nehaluddin Ahmad, present in the Press Conference, said that since there is no rule of law, the way central as well as state governments are treating the Muslim youth in the name of combating terrorism, who have somehow received education, despite great hardships and are professionals, is against the basic democratic spirit of the Constitution. Many youth who were arrested in terror charges were later released by courts but many precious years of their lives passed in jails. Even, there is no arrangement for their rehabilitation. After Godhra and Muzaffarnagar riots, hapless victims were forced to stay in relief camps. Even the Supreme Court took its cognizance.
We firmly believe that fast track courts must be constituted for the speedy trial of terror cases. Whatever changes are required in the legal procedure for this purpose must be made promptly so that the innocents could be released and their life could be saved. Officials responsible for falsely fabricating cases must be punished so that peoples faith Is restored in the democratic process of the country. In our opinion, Muslims are being targeted basically with an eye on the land and agriculture of the farmers who would be ruined. It is part of the implementation of the same policies which were witnessed in 1920s and 30s in Europe. He said that even the Action Taken Report on Nimesh Commission has not been presented by Akhilesh government. He also asserted that there should be no discrimination in providing reservation on the basis of religion. So under Article 341,dalit Muslims and dalit Christians should also be granted Scheduled Caste status and ensured reservation facilities.
On the peoples issues and alternative policies which we are making our agenda in the election, Akhilendra Pratap Singh, National Convener, AIPF went on fast for 10 days, first in front of Vidhan Bhavan in Lucknow in June, 2013 and then recently at Jantar-Mantar in February 2014 during the last session of the Parliament. It was widely supported by the democratic forces. We are committed to carry forward this battle inside and outside the Parliament. We present this Agenda before the people. It is attached here with the press release.
Lal Bahadur Singh, Member, National Executive AIPF and Salahuddin Khan, State Spokesperson AIPF were also present in the press conference.

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