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Delegation of NCW would visit Madhyamgram (West Bengal) along with women’s organizations. #Madhyamgram

New Delhi. A joint delegation of women’s organisations along with the family members of the 16-year-old girl, who was gang raped and murdered in #Madhyamgram, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal met with the Chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW) in the Capital today.

A statement of the family members was registered at the Commission and the Chairperson responded to the compliant positively. Jagmati Sangwan, General Secretary of All India Democratic Women’s Association(AIDWA) told that she ( Mamta Sharma- Chairperson of NCW ) assured immediate intervention in the matter to provide support to the family and take steps for relief/ rehabilitation both short and long term, stiff action against all perpetrators would be sought, a delegation of #NCW would visit West Bengal along with women’s organizations to take cognizance of the situation there and NCW will do all that’s possible within its powers to ensure that justice is done.
Women’s organizations gave a memorandum, which is as follows-
                                                                                            7th Jan.2014


The Chairperson,


4, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg,

New Delhi – 110 001

                              Memorandum on Madhyamgram Case, West Bengal


Dear Ms. Mamta ji,                                

We, the members of a poor family who migrated from Bihar to W. Bengal in search of a better future, have suffered grievously from the gang rape, and subsequent murder of our 16 year old daughter, in Madhyamgram, North 24 Parganas. We have been denied justice by the callous and negligent attitude of the W. Bengal government and the state administration, which did not take immediate action against the perpetrators of the crime. Two months later, the same miscreants, some of whom are known to be close to the ruling party in the state, abducted her and burnt her to death, as punishment for having dared to lodge a complaint against them.

Initially, when leaders of women’s organizations, and other concerned citizens raised their voices in protest and went to meet our daughter, they were driven out by armed hooligans who were surrounding the house. It was only due to public outrage that the police arrested six of the accused persons and arranged for vigilance at the girl’s residence to protect her and her family. But the treats continued so we had to flee from #Madhyamgram to a rented room near Dumdum Airport to escape the constant threats that we faced. However the associates of the criminals discovered our meagre shelters.

The charge sheet was filed on 16 December in the court on Dec. 23 the criminals stormed into the room in our absence, abused and threatened our daughter, and set fire on her causing 90% burns. While initially the police tried to cover up the case by saying that it was the outcome of a quarrel between landlord and tenant, two persons named in the FIR were eventually arrested and remanded in jail custody. My daughter was then taken to R.G.Kar Hospital where there is no burn unit and in spite of agitations to shift her to the burn unit at SSKM Hospital, the Superintendent refused; she was only shifted to the ICU much later, as a result of the agitations.

After fighting for her life for eight days, our daughter died on 31 December, without receiving even a single gesture of sympathy or concern from the Government. There were spontaneous rallies and road-blocks by the local citizens, demanding appropriate action. The police who had been so negligent about the security of the girl while she was living, suddenly became pro-active after her death and hijacked her body without our consent,  took her to the cremation-ground and tried to cremate her. They exerted pressure on us, but we did not yield, and on the morning of 1 January, 2014, they were forced to hand over the body, after which we performed the last rites.

Madam, our great loss and our suffering can never be compensated. But we are entitled to justice. We urge the NCW to take steps to ensure that legal measures are enforced. The brutal behaviour displayed on the part of the police and the administration creates grave doubts as to whether the culprits will be punished as per the law. We also fear for our own safety in this case.

Hence, we demand your good self to intervene and ensure the following:

An impartial enquiry should be carried out to identify all the persons involved in the crime and they should be brought to justice.
Speedy and time-bound trial of the case,
All the guilty including the co-conspirators who participated in the assault and intimidating the family should be strictly punished and punishment to the policemen who were hand-in-glove with the criminals. The health officers in R G Kar Medical College hospital should also be punished.
Safety and support to the family members and compensation should be given to the victim’s family for the rehabilitation and for the harm and injury done to them.

With thanks,

 Yours faithfully,      


Rama Shankar Jha


 Endorsed by:

    Jagmati Sangwan              Dr. Gargi Chakraborty     Beena Jain       Sudha Sundararaman

 (General Secretary, AIDWA)              (NFIW)              (AIWC)         (Vice President, AIDWA)

 Padmini           Vimal Thorat                Dr. Zakia                       Leila Passah

(JWP)                 (AIDMAM)                  (MWF)                           (YWCA)

  Sehba Farooqui                       Dr. Rita Wahi             Nilanju and Madhu   

(Delhi, JMS)                              (GOS)                            (JAGORI)



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