Democratic moment in Gujarat… Hope Gujarat will provide new hope to India.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The country is looking for a change from Gujarat. For 22 years the Hindutva model of Gujarat did not care of the farmers, Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and sought to use their differences for the political power. Every time, the Gujaratis asked for a job or farmers asked for compensation, the Hindutva leaders brought Pakistan, Muslims, Islam, and Uniform Civil Code into the picture. The atrocious and outrageous video from Rajasthan is an annexure in this to poison Gujarat atmosphere in the last moment but we hope people of Gujarat knows it well and hence will not tempt.

It is for the first time that we saw, Congress Party was fighting election in Gujarat from the front. The focus of Rahul Gandhi's campaign was development and raising people's issues. He carefully avoided bringing the communal and caste issues. Actually, BJP's efforts was to create popular binaries failed in Gujarat and we hope the hidden attempt to create vicious atmosphere and fear psychosis during the last moments will not succeed.

The most dangerous element during the entire campaign were the electronic channels who had already decided who should govern Gujarat. Perhaps, these channels won’t survive unless get government as well as party bounties. The figures released under RTI reveals that since April 2014 Modi government has spent more than Rs 3,755 crore on advertisement and image building. I am sure, it is this bounty and much bigger amount which has kept the bootlickers in media to erode people's right and create false narratives.

Every day, the media was pumping mikes into the lips of opposition leaders particularly Congress Party and asking them to respond. If someone does not want to respond, should he or she be forced to react? If we don’t want to speak to a particular channel, should the channel and their reporters force a person to speak? The problem with these channels is that they are imposing their mikes over people and if somebody get irritated then lynching him in their studios. Media lynching in the TV studios is much brutal and humiliating than the person get lynched. You don’t give people opportunity to defend themselves. In fact, any dissenter with these channels would only go to get humiliated and reprimanded by these paid agents.

Mani Shankar Iyer's arrogance is well known to us but even when he uttered a word, the BJP felt that they have got an opportunity. The children of Manuwad, will never consider people equal and nor is Modi doing anything specific for the Dalits and OBCs. The Sangh ideology is to keep the leverage of power in the brahmanical control and we all know hence Modi's tears for Dalit OBCs are nothing but pure drama. However, we know well that it is the likes of Mani Shankar Iyer who damage the cause of secularism and make it a secular elite brahmanical club. Unless 'secularism' is debrahmanised and its values more humanised, it will not succeed and it will ultimately help the Manuwadis.

Gujarat also saw the mischief of raising the fear psychosis on the name of Muslims. Alliance of Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh was termed as HAJ and that was deliberate to create fear psychosis and polarise the people. Posters of Ahmed Patel as Congress chief ministerial candidate too came up. Rahul Gandhi's religion too came and paid agents were asking for whether he really cares for Hinduism. This is a sad story. Media is considered as watchdog of democracy whose work should have been to warn the government and ensure that the poll is free but instead doing that these channels became like government paid intelligence agencies' spying the opposition parties and playing all the dirty game to finish the opposition.

The question is don’t media know that any citizen of India can become chief minister or Prime minister of our country if the party which has majority in the assemblies or parliament elect a leader. Does our constitution says only one caste person can become prime minister? Does our constitution bar Muslims or Christians or any other community person from becoming leader of the house? Why was then media so obsessed with the case of Ahmed Patel? And then came this story of the Rahul Gandhi's visit to Somnath temple. What is wrong if a politician visiting a temple or not visiting a temple? Gujarat has more religiosity than any other state and any political leader who work with people naturally does thing which are populist. Rahul Gandhi visited and then the whole issue came whether he was a Hindu or not. It should not have been the concern but then paid agents were waiting for the opportunity and they declared that Rahul had signed on a register meant for non-Hindus and hence not Hindu. Does it matter? Rahul is the citizen of India and leader of a party and that matters the most. We should not forget that Indira Gandhi was not allowed to enter into Jaggannath Puri temple as the priest claim she was not a Hindu. Now, that was not the loss of Indira Gandhi but it showed how orthodox and conservatives are our religious values. Sangh parivar does not bother about it as they continue to harp on the glory of the Vaidik Hinduism which is nothing but varnashram dharma or Brahmanism, with supremacy of the Brahmins. Have they ever made any effort to do away with these castes based practices and make the religion more humane? Why did media continue to bark when the issue was clarified on part of the congress party? Do media want to decide who is a Hindu and not Hindu and when has it become that not being a Hindu has become crime and bar you holding any office? Have you ever seen a Brahmin anchor showing his janeu and proudly declaring it? Why? Janeu is divisive and discriminatory as more than 3/4th of the so called Hindu population is not entitled to wear it. Why should we be proud of it?

Anyway, Gujarat needs to focus on questions that concern their youth. The farmers must ask questions. The youth about education and jobs. Gujarat story is also story of concoction by the paid media and how the lies can’t hold for long. Gujarat was a developed state much before Modi. Gujaratis were business people and many of India's top business institutions started from Gujarat.

Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Rural Development, Amul Diary, and many other cooperatives emerged from Gujarat and showed their work culture. It did not happen because a certain great man took birth and decided to do. Development of a state is related to popular culture of the state and Gujaratis have those work ethics and hence succeeded. Also Gujaratis succeeded because they embraced globalism but that development which we say in recent years was only converting Gujaratis into more conservativeness and exclusive. So what is the use of development which excludes the Dalits, OBCs, Muslims and Adivasis? Can any state really progress if a huge chunk of its population is excluded from the entire prospectus? With education and health services privatised, Gujarat model became more and more exclusive for few urban elite class and castes while all others were given opium of religion to forget their pains and agonies.

Whatever way the Gujarat goes but this time the people showed in real way as they can bring the most powerful also to the knees and that it is ultimately people who matter. In democracy, people are the sovereign and elections are the ways when they get choice to decide that. I hope Gujarat people have made up their mind. Let them vote independently and without any fear or favour. Be careful with paid media trying to subvert democracy through false stories and distorted informations, selective quotes and attempt to create distort. We hope people are more mature than the anchors in their suffocating studios. Hope Gujarat provide new hope to India.