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“Development” Is The Name Of The Game

Dr. Simmi Gurwara
Promises have been made galore. Both by the challengers and the incumbents. Though the incumbents’ report card screams out their dismal performance, highlighting the scams and scandals, immersed in corruption and  crony capitalism, that rocked the nation and put a big question mark on their governance and attendant accountability, the challengers stand on a better wicket as they pronounce their development agenda backed by the sample state of Gujarat which many appreciate, overtly and covertly.
Vote bank politics has its own compulsions. The challengers as well as the incumbents are lured to comply with the commandments scripted in  the vote bank Bible irrespective of their ideological standing which they otherwise proclaim to live and die for but conveniently strip it off in real time to woo the electorate.
Amidst the issues that stare us in the face, we get naturally driven towards growth and development that brings us private investment, infrastructure and jobs. Subsidies are no substitute for a steady income. Development is and should be the uppermost criterion to decide upon the future of a candidate.  The parties that make a song and dance of secularism surely need to think twice. It is high time we took a forward-looking approach and leave behind all that is regressive, repulsive and uppish.
The best thing is that development works for all. It is above all caste and religion formulae. The sooner our politicos understand it the better it would be. A firm NO to sectarian and partisan approach is the need of the hour.
Bad decisions, or worse, indecisions on part of the UPA government might take a toll and contribute to the MODInama by giving more volume to the already colossal wave that is riding high. The electorate is exasperated by the level of corruption that has made inroads into our political system and which gave Kejriwal a groundswell of support when he freshly announced his intentions to wage a war against corruption. What happened later is nothing short of disappointment but it unequivocally represents aam aadmi’s burning desire and desperation to uproot the corrupt system.
Nobody seems to be affected by the miserable plight of now-famously-called-Tragediwal who is getting tough time by the insiders who have stopped taking him seriously, forget about the outsiders who already wrote him off much before he could take off to the national political scene. Great expectations led to an even greater fall.
As of now, Modi manifesto has been shouting from the political rooftops promising jobs, uniform civil code, scrapping article 370 and of course, Ram temple. What is interesting in the agenda is the economic development to steer our country forward. Now that sounds convincing. The cynics-that -be may hold a different view out of deep seated apprehensions stemming from a tainted public record of BJP’s PM nominee. But nothing seems to be as important today as steady growth. Everything else is buried in the past. Grave diggers should not be allowed to get the better of sound reason that supports development which is futuristic. It is central to our survival and revival.
Gone are the days when fanatics could have their irrational ways. Now there is time to take long strides towards bigger goals. It is critical to think big and get out of the secular-communal rut.
Thinking patterns can shift by virtue of education and subsequent employment opportunities. Robust developmental programs at both centre and state level will make the difference. Indifference can no longer be tolerated.
Changing the old ways and adopting new is symbiotic of flexibility and freedom. This is the most sought after attribute that the electorate demands to witness in the politicos whom they vote. Harping on the dead issues, the dead-enders can lead us no where. We definitely look forward to game changers who can give a fillip to our collective consciousness that cries to unshackle from the coop of caste, creed, color, and class.

About the author

Dr. Simmi Gurwara is Prof. and Head, department of Professional Development (Humanities and Management) at Radha Govind Group of Institutions,Meerut, UP,India. As a writer she has penned books, articles, short stories and poems that have been published in reputed magazines and newspapers. Creative writing has been her forte. Alongside, she is a columnist with a National Daily.

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