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EMERGENCY yet again? No one else but the junked RSS Iron Man confirmed it.

EMERGENCY yet again? No one else but the junked RSS Iron Man confirmed it.

Not me, not my friends, but LK Advani, who once upon a time led the Ram Rath ytara and yet in another time he was projected as the RSS Prime Minister candidate of India, confirmed that the new found Dictator a perfect Bhasmasur would be in turmoil and losing political ground he might opt for the Indira Magic of an emergency!

What a repeat of History that would be!

RSS led the fight against Emergency and jumped into the mainstream politics leaving the Bania Party format. Now the Bania Munafa wasuli heredity strike back and RSS projected Almighty who is essentially an Ultimate Genie owned by Reliance and Adani might opt for Emergency!

What an IPL Jalwa and all the high profile Cheerleaders without gender bias represent the Casino PONZI Economics of Manusmriti with full-fledged racial apartheid of class caste rule reducing the Nation a Military State and the hyped Yogabhyas is all about that, to streamline Indian armed forces with Hindutva Booster!

It is not just a speculation and neither it is hypothetical nor it is about some imminent split in the institutional RSS and its political wing BJP.

The RSS hegemony is inflated and it has to burst like the balloon and the splinters have to hit Indian Nation as well as the Indian people!

Provided, you follow me, you might remember what I have been writing since 16th May.

You might have been following the updates from Bangladesh and Nepal where the Ultimate Genie serving Ambani Adani clan carried the Hindu Imperialist agenda.

Just trace the history of fascism worldwide!

Denial of civic and human rights is the fundamental ideology of this bloody Racial Apartheid inflicted with Caste based Manusmriti bias.

Then, ABSOLUTE Power needs a Military state so that the Tantra Mantra and Yantra might be used to accomplish the task of ethnic cleansing which would culminate in cent percent Hindutva deleting anything whichever is NON Hindu.

Just make it simple and go through the history of Germany and study the phenomenon called HITLER.

RSS is the follower of the path which HITLER created and now, RSS has got its own branded HITLER!

I had been writing about the Maggie Masala diplomacy with which the Genie Ultimate tries to replicate the RSS branded Durgaavatar of Emergency and Operation Blue Star.

And Corruption?

What about corruption free rajkaaj?

The skeletons from RSS cupboard do spill on the streets.

The day one, I wrote in defence of the beautiful lady in Indian Politics, most respected after Indiramma! Because I knew that it is all about the IPL Casino which threw up very high profile cheerleaders in the arena. Let them float full bloom.

Thanks Lalit Modi for his stripping the masks!

It is beyond CORRUPTION!

The abstract noun corruption and the adjective, corrupt have been made irrelevant.

PMO is reduced in a corporate white house as MON Key Baaten Funda introduces an ultimate Genie App to connect every Indian and the timing of the APP is coincidentally match with the timing of Handing over the Telecom to Reliance and Reliance 4 G spectrum should support the App to be downloaded on Goole Play!

The RSS governance of fascism, cent percent Hindutva, led by the Ultimate Genie is to fulfil every wish of Ambani and Adaani clan all on the name of business friendly governance and Tax Holiday Taxation and Rate Cut fiscal adjustment to destroy the working classes along with Indian Business and Industry!

This governance has to end in an Emergency!

It is quite ridiculous that our armed forces engaged in eternal Kadamtal, have to opt for Yogabhyas to accomplish the agenda of Hindutva Imperialism.

Is it patriotism?

India is ruled by the thousands and thousands of East India companies all on the name of super-fast growth rate and Bullet development opting for PPP Model Gujrat making in only to benefit Reliance, Adani and some other Gujarati companies and those clusters of East India Companies making full proof arrangement of Nuclear destruction, are owned by those who sing Vande Mataram!

Vande Matram is written by Bankim it is believed and long before, I have posted that the song was first sung by the Rebels during the agrarian revolution of Hindu Muslim Sadhu Sant Fakir and the peasants which is Hinduised with Vande mataram story.

Bharatmata remains chained as the Kali idol in Lalgola Free Jail remains till this day which inspired the Image of Bharat Mata while Bankim was living underground in the temple as he was involved in a clash with the British DM in Berhampur.

Even Kaji Nazrul Islam and Rishi Arvind are associated with Lalgola Kali Temple.

The RAMMANDIR Bajrangi brigade never cared for that chained Kali ,the original image of Bharatmata!

In fact, the Hindutva agenda is not to do anything with patriotism and rather it is sedition, blatant sedition to make the geopolitics including the Nation into a war Zone only to benefit some selected corporate companies!

The Hindutva Brigade is nothing but DESH BECHO Killing brigade for the ultimate ethnic cleansing based on racial apartheid and Manusmriti all on name of Hindutva.

It is the RAJDHARMA practiced by the RSS governance of Fascism led by the Ultimate Genie owned by Reliance and Adaani!

Indian Express published what exactly Adwani spoke:
Forces that can crush democracy are stronger…I don’t have the confidence it (Emergency) cannot happen again: BJP leader LK Advani

Civil society raised hopes only to disappoint…(it’s) the judiciary (that) is more responsible than the others, says BJP veteran L K Advani.

Advani fears emergency may return, says anti-democracy forces getting stronger

Emergency Can Repeat, Warns LK Advani. First Experiment Delhi, Says Arvind …

Advani on Emergency: Opposition attacks Modi govt, Nitish Kumar says Bihar …

Oppn says Advani’s ‘Emergency can’t be ruled out’ comment a veiled swipe at PM

Advani targets AAP, says agitators can’t form a govt

Opposition trains guns at Modi after Advani shares his fears of emergency, BJP …

Advani fears return of emergency, says ‘forces that can crush democracy are …
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