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For PPP Gujarati Model, NO NGO Please! Ten Thousand NGOs to get their license cancelled!

Modi invites American defence companies, Obamas to India
Home Ministry Show cause Notices to Over 10,000 NGOs
Palash Biswas
Here you are!

Modi invites American defence companies to invest in India, that’s it what is defined as make in India, which task Dr. Man Mohan Singh failed to accomplish and Modi finished it with surgical precision in his saffron Rock star Avatar.

For my earlier Hindi post on hinduisation of corporate media, the Bajrangi brigade brands me anti-development as well as anti-national. They do brand Jansatta as yellow journalism for not any fault on its part, but it employed scribes like us most disobedient to the system. Mind you, I do not waste space in my newspaper and independently address my readership on social media.

Eminent poet Pankaj Chaturvedi has felt the burn also as his post on Raj deep Sardesai has drawn multimedia threatening to teach lessons to disobedient activists, writers and scribes.

Just awesome!

Ananatmurthi ji had not to migrate as MF Hussain had to do. He left this world for peace.

Festival season with triangular fascist imperialist flavour heralds total blackout of criticism of the hegemonies ruling saffron chemistry. Perhaps we may not survive the Lotus tsunami so violent with a meaningful Netanyahu Modi meeting followed by Indo US joint statement signed by mass destruction itself as Business after Agrarian India follows suit.

PMO has already invited projects to be funded by minimum PPP governance.

Now, the GOI has served notice to ten thousand NGOs why their license should not be cancelled. Personally, I am not charmed with NGO blitz. Rather I am against NGOs hijacking mass movement in India. NGOs tried to capture power during last elections and miserably failed.

But some NGOs are doing excellent job to protect green, civic and human rights, no doubt. Millions of young activists are attached with all kinds of NGOs and most of them are very very genuine activists. I stand with them always whatsoever may come!

On the other hand, quite amusing it may sound as reported in print media that this could well be the beginning of a Sino-Japanese war on Indian soil. On a day when Chinese President Xi Jinping was shaking hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, a Japanese NGO was all set to deliver one of Modi’s dreams- toilets.

The NGO, Dhillon Marty Foundation has chalked out a plan to construct cost effective toilets beginning from Amritsar and then spreading to rest of Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana.

“The Foundation has chosen Amritsar since it is visited by over a lakh tourists including thousands of foreigners every day and when they go back they carry imprints of dirty India with them ” said President of Foundation Sonia Dhillon while talking to TOI over phone from Tokyo on Wednesday.

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