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Gangrape at Amta in Howrah, AIDWA Delegation met NCW Chairperson

New Delhi. An delegation of All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), comprising of Jagmati Sangwan, General Secretary, Sudha Sundararaman, National Vice president and Sehba Farooqui  (General Secretary, JMS Delhi) met Chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW) and Ms. Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar (NCW member) in the Capital today to bring to their notice a ghastly incident of gangrape at  Amta in Howrah district in West Bengal, and requested their urgent intervention.

AIDWA G.S. Jagmati Sangwan told, “The Chairperson and Ms. Nirmala Samant expressed their concern over the increasing occurrence of violence on women in general in West Bengal, and the need for stiff action against culprits, whoever they may be.  They assured that a team of NCW under the leadership of Chairperson will visit West Bengal within a week and come out with recommendations to check the violence and to punish the guilty. They noted that in the Howrah Case, political connections should not become an impediment to the rule of law, and action should be taken by the police against the perpetrators without bias.”

“They assured the delegation that the NCW would intervene and take special efforts to ensure that the culprits would be caught, and punished” told Ms. Sangwan.

 The memorandum that was submitted to the NCW is as follows-
All India Democratic Women’s Association
2253-E, Shadi Khampur, New Ranjeet Nagar,
New Delhi-11008
Email: [email protected]
                                                                   7th Feb.2014

Ms. Mamta Sharma,


National Commission for Women,

New Delhi.

 Dear Mamta ji,

This is to bring to your notice an incident of gangrape at Amta in Howrah district in West Bengal. A 27 year old house wife and her mother in law aged 43 years were brutally gang raped on 4th February, 2014. They were admitted in the Ulberia Hospital with severe injuries. The miscreants, 10 in number not only raped them but also brutalized them in the most inhuman ways possible.   The house was ransacked and looted. They shut the electric transformer down at the time of the incident and the whole house was in the dark.  The young mother small child was also thrown into the courtyard mercilessly by the goon along with the mother.  The distance of the Police check post was 500 meters only. No one came to saved them in the spot.

It is alleged that Trinamul Congress (TMC) leader Barun Makhal who also fought Panchayat election was also involved in this incident. After the Panchayat elections TMC supporters began to attack the villagers who supported the opposition. So the males of the village were evicted from Muktirchak village. False cases were lodged against them. The role of the police in this barbaric incident needs to be condemned. Journalist were not permitted to meet the rape survivors.

We express our doubt whether there will be a fair enquiry into the case and guilty be punished as per law. Since the accused are politically sheltered by the ruling party in the state government. We sincerely want NCW to look into the case and see that the real culprits are identified and a swift investigation is conducted so that the real culprits may be punished.

We request the NCW to take note of the extremely unsafe and precarious condition of women in West Bengal and urge that appropriate intervention be undertaken and finally we demand speedy justice for the  rape survivor  in this horrendous case.

Sd/-                                                        Sd/-                                                        Sd/-

Jagmati Sangwan                         Sudha Sundararaman                           Sehba Farooqui

(General Secretary)                           (Vice President)             (General Secretary, Delhi JMS)



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