23 Mar 2019



Leading personalities from Bollywood and across the globe to empower audience in their quest of adopting a healthy lifestyle

Mumbai, 22 October 2018: Healthhunt, the foremost AI-based wellness platform that is empowering over one million Indians with fact-checked, verified health and wellness information straight from experts, revealed the various pertinent health and lifestyle issues to be highlighted during their flagship event, The Future of Wellness. The event shall be marked with significant wellness-related themes that will unfold into inspiring sessions of discussions, discourses with names like Sonakshi Sinha, Neerja Birla, Namrata Purohit, Rahul Dev, RP Singh, Kanika Kapoor, Farah Ali Khan, Amrita Raichand, Mahi Aramideh, Annabel Treon, Dr Namrata Patel and workshops conducted by more renowned names and brands in this discipline. The constant and consistent efforts by celebrities, doctors and health experts alongside healthhunt will undoubtedly create an unrivaled affair for the wellness conscious in India. This much awaited program will take place on Saturday, 17th Nov 2018 from 9 am to 7 pm at World Trade Centre, Mumbai.

The premier wellness event shall enlighten the audiences with perspectives on everyday topics such as daily wellbeing, weight-loss, beauty, self-care, body positivity, Yoga, and holistic wellness for all. The celebrity wellness series will be a special attraction where eminent personalities will share their secrets on health and fitness. The event will be graced by leading names such Dr. Vishaka Shivdasani, Ritik Bhasin, Annabel Treon, Neeha Nagpal, Dr. Shagun Sarabhai, Dr. Namrata Patel besides Sonakshi Sinha, Milind Soman, Kanika Kapoor, Farah Ali Khan, RP Singh, Namrata Purohit, Amrita Raichand, Shree Akshar who have already confirmed their participation


The essence of the event is a series of interactive talks and practical awareness on contemporary wholesome daily wellness for the family. Noteworthy here is an entire wellness wing dedicated to children with workshops, brands, and products for the little ones that’ll be available all day long.  This makes it a must-attend for parents besides the wellness enthusiasts.  The sessions will kick-off with “Rethink Health”, a thought-provoking discussion with an aim to reevaluate our perspective towards health in the present times. The crux of “Weight Loss Simplified” is to adopt simple, easy, healthy but reliable techniques to reduce and feel more self-confident.  Conversations highlighting encouraging success stories will inspire the spirit to absorb this wisdom. A multidimensional approach to beauty for women with inputs from four global experts will provide some priceless advice for better life quality. This will be followed by a practical workshop on Yoga the ancient practice of the mind and body to create a balance and dynamism in daily life. The session on “holistic wellness for children” will offer vital information on issues related to emotional security; mental physical wellness; spending time with them; creative, healthy cooking ideas for them; inculcating healthy habits.  The talk on men's complete and vibrant health will mark the grand finale of the event.

According to Ms. Pooja Duggal, Founder & CEO, Healthhunt,” Today, 1 in 20 searches on Google are on health-related subjects. But sadly, the answers people get are mostly from contemporary magazines and self-proclaimed experts. This content is not fact-checked, verified, or trustworthy. Would you leave your families’ and your own wellness in the hands of such precarious sources? This is precisely the problem we are trying to solve. India cannot grow to be a world leader without a solid base of good health and wellness!

Future of Wellness is guaranteed to be the most immersive wellness experience the country has ever seen, with something for everyone: inspirational stories, fantastic experiences to motivate you, a plethora of brands perfectly suited to your wellness journey, and an invigorating experience that will answer all your questions inspiring you to learn and grow more. This could be the stimulus to a healthy, happy life for your loved ones and yourself. Through our tool “TheHealthNOW” we’ve been actively contributing to corporates, schools and colleges and empowering them with daily wellness. We want to further power our mission of disrupting the understanding of daily well-being, through this the ‘Future of Wellness’”.


Over 100 leading brands are already working towards the glorious success of the Future of Wellness. The audience turnout is expected to be huge with the reach enhanced through social media. This will be a wonderful avenue for brands to deepen and extend their penetration with the support of the influencers which may otherwise be challenging to create.

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