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How long would the business friendly government protect business now?

WTO deal struck to destroy peasantry!
Palash Biswas
WTO deal struck to destroy peasantry!
How long would the business friendly government protect business now?
Obama`s man of action acts with surgical precision. WTO deal is struck to destroy peasantry, how long would the business friendly government protect business now? Prime Minister abroad and India and the United States settled a dispute on Thursday that had paralysed the World Trade Organization and risked derailing a $1 trillion package of reforms of global customs procedures. No one may answer the queries about the turnaround stance so unexpected.
The deal, which needs to be backed by all 160 WTO members, has resurrected hopes that the trade body can now push through those reforms, opening the way up for further negotiations.
Multi brand retail FDI is next on agenda with GST to be cleared by the states and modification on one hundred and five laws to make India free hunting ground for foreign capital without any resistance.
It should be understood as things managed well in US interests one after another why Modi was given US Visa denied before he side-lined all the icons of Hindutva brigade and elevated himself as the supreme leader of the US periphery of global Hindutva and Zionism combined.
Thus, all PSUs have to be sacrificed and no subsidy would be allowed in a decontrolled, deregulated market wherefrom all indigenous small, medium, the whole lot of retailers have to be ejected out of home as the most of the tribal population has been after partition replicating the act against partition victim refugees.
Meanwhile, three PSU OMCs fell by 2.43% to 4.96% at 14:55 IST on BSE on reports government today, 13 November 2014, hiked excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 1.50 per litre each for the two fuels. The crude oil prices continues to subside and the prices of petrol and diesel were expected to be reduced but ejecting out Shiv sena and the same thing expected for Alkalis in Punjab, the BJP corporate policy makers have not be care much for the readymade mandate. On the other hand, power tariff in the city has been revised with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) approving a fuel surcharge of 7% for BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), 4.5 for BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and 2.5% for Tata Power.
As the Hindu refugees have been misused for Hindutva agenda hitherto, as the agrarian India and indigenous production system devastated under monopolistic multinational aggression, so the business community has to bear the burn now.
No one is reading the wall writing, In fact, the status is that no more eye washing needed to project the populist vote bank gimmicks of dreamy good days in an economy of trickling growth as the saffron hegemony opened up all the ways of manusmriti rule afresh.
The state power is captured and no coup expected in near future, Namo is a free man now all the way and second generation of reforms boosted as never before.
The United States and India helped clear the way for a global customs trade agreement Thursday, reaching a settlement on government stockpiling of food. The deal improves the chances for the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement, officials said, making it easier and cheaper to move products across borders.

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