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Is Election Free and Fair? The murder of revolution!

K K Singh
More than 2 lakhs voters’ names were missing from Mumbai Voters List! EC apologised but question is- Is this per chance or a ‘simple’ mistake of EC or a planned conspiracy? If latter is true, which sounds to be true, then next question is- Are old election days revisited that is, election is not free and fair? There has been many sting operations, investigations and exposures which seriously belittles the claim of free and fair election, like, Operation Lok Sabha (http://news.oneindia.in/india/revealed-how-bogus-votes-can-change-the-lok-sabha-2014-poll-results-1423494.html  ), Operation Prime Minister( http://www.sting-pollkhol.in/politics/operation-prime-minister-malpractices-of-opinion-poll-agencies-octel-exposed.html/ ) etc. Media manipulation is well documented and known to the mass and now even the poll survey has lost its meaning due its manipulation for money or favour or may be due its owner’s hidden agenda. By now, this has become so common that people have stopped worrying about media’s manipulation, democracy and its foundation which is election. Remember? Exposure of NSA by E Joseph Snowden, not far in past? There was huge uproar and even hundreds of EU and USA cities saw massive protests but now USA openly justifies surveillance of world citizens and their leaders in name of security!!
Now, another point of rigging election is manipulation of voters’ choice in voting centres. In the Delhi Vidhan Sabha election, there was an independent candidate whose symbol was torch with light in such fashion that it resembled broom, the AAP symbol. That person was not known to the people yet polled more than 4500 votes and AAP candidate from Matiala VS lost by less than 3500 votes. On 10 April, West Delhi had 3 Jarnail Singh, 2 as independent whom people had never heard them campaigning. Their symbols were torch and shuttle cork, resembling broom of AAP, at no 13 and 14 and as part of booth management group, I came across voters who voted them instead of AAP erroneously and later nothing could be done except regrets.
I am not talking of bogus voting here, though that have taken place and even shown in media and known to people. Modern day election rigging is different than what we witnessed pre T Session era when booths were captured, few persons casting entire votes on gun point. Now call centre era is in, where big political parties hire paid trolls to do photo shop, distort facts in their favour, pay media to alter poll survey, confuse voters in booth polls by various tricks, shadow candidates to offset few hundreds to thousands votes in name of caste/religion and even do bogus voting in favour of their masters. I must add, Rs 300-500 and liquor is distributed among poor voters to cast their votes to the desired candidates and that is very effective. By the way, the last method is also used widely to get crowd to ‘listen’ to their ‘loved’ leaders. If one hears the media, he comes across the filthy and inflammatory statements of leaders, like Ramdev, Vinay Katiyar, Vasundhara Raje, Digvijay Singh, Akbaruddin Owaisi, etc.
Such statements are pre planned and delivered to excite their paid goons or even some sycophants who replicate them in social media and physically in streets. Attack on AAP members are testimony of this. The by-product of such tactics to garner votes is yet to be seen, but in past they had been fruitful to some extent, sadly. This culture is on rise due lack of proper law, like JLPB and support by state and its machinery. Yet, let us say our voters have matured and able to separate grains from huge piles of chaff, able to decide right party and right candidate and go to polling booth and finally casts his vote as desired. Then what? UP overwhelmingly voted for SP and the government was formed and media was gaga on young CM, but very shortly the dream shattered, Akhilesh Yadav may blame opposition for his failure to deliver but end result was that the smart and matured voters were duped eventually! So finally, is there anything like free and fair election? Definitely it’s not.
Whatever is happening and whatever is being exposed, do not match. What we come to know may not be tip of ice berg but positively not enough to understand that the present democracy is not for people but for the moneyed class, their agents, where 10,000 Crore or more is spent by a single party to lure voters. The election, campaign, media, etc, etc is showcase to prove that democracy exists in India or in any 3rd world countries or even in developed countries but reality is different. Present day voters are tricked into participating in election process once in 5 year and same old exploitation machine continues its work then after. In reality, the corporates continue growing, their agents namely Congress, BJP and their various allies may change but people’s miseries remain same. More than 10 Crore child labours, 8 Crore homeless and faceless people, 2 Crore women and girls selling their bodies to sustain themselves, etc is clear indication of failure of democracy, market economy and now fake election and pro corporates state and its machinery has firmly ensured that democracy is for the corporates and is run by them through proxy!! Lastly, AAP is leading mass and progressive forces for revolution through parliamentary election. But having seen and experienced Delhi episode, where it fell short of majority, one of the reason being distortion of electoral process, and had to resign later as the state machinery ‘revolted’ against people’s government, must take cognisance of such unfair and manipulated election. Even after mass support, victory may not be assured and even after forming government, it may face Salvador Allende’s path in Chile, the murder of revolution!

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