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Is Kashmir a Black Hole? Is there any Solution?

K K Singh
Kashmir, in two parts, is a hot potato for both the countries and is not able to find any solution due their own created cobwebs. Both Indian and Pakistani ruling and their opposition parties survive on national chauvinism and cannot let this “dead agenda” liquidate from their manifesto and try their best, maintaining it “burning agenda”! National chauvinism pays more to the ruling class than religiosity on occasions!
Kashmir was integrated into India, with some conditions including referendum. These conditions have become obsolete. That is different that as a principle, people of a nation should have right to secede and by the way most of Indians agree on this as far as Tibet is concerned!
Nehru failed to go for plebiscite due fear of losing Kashmir after lots of deliberation and later on, due many wars with Pakistan and internal terrorism or Kashmir freedom fight, Indian rulers had never courage to go for it. In 1981, when I was there for approximately a month, I was of view that Kashmiris preferred to be with India or independent rather go with Pakistan. Much later, in 1995-97, when I was posted there, I found changes in their views. I found more Kashmiris wanted independence rather be with India and even lesser with Pakistan. Since I did not make any data, I cannot provide in form of percentage as is fashion on TV these days. Today what is the opinion of the people of Kashmir, I do not know. However, the recent two statements by Prashant Bhushan of AAP changed “cold agenda” into “burning agenda”.
As far as Prashant Bhushan is concerned he did not say something which asked Kashmiris to secede from India. Again, AFSPA in NE India, as I have seen in 1998-99, was grossly misused and all demands to repel is not looked into. No one has cared to even meet Irom Sharmila, who is fasting for more than 12 years! Armed forces, when fighting against internal LICO (Low Intensity Conflict Operation), bound to make some collateral damages! Our government, in no case is pro-people and its only interest is to “manage” profit rate of corporates and GDP and their own bank balances, which is evident by phenomenal rise of AAP! Whatever view I am going to give about Kashmir, or what Kashmiris would decide for themselves regarding their wish to continue with us or not, has been made farce by the political parties and few of their goons! These political vultures have becomes relevant by the corporate controlled media by raising national chauvinism! If we really had a democratic and people’s party, caring for the people, their first act would have been to make Swaraj work! Further no harm knowing people’s need or wish in form of not only food, clothes, shelter but security, internal or external as well. Why not to take their mandate as far as foreign policy is concerned along with economy, FDI, MNCs?
If we have right to vote and make you minister, you do not become god, but very well remain under us, the people, and must let us know what are you doing with our foreign and security policies and if we find you erring, we have right to  force you to change or otherwise you quit! That is democracy!!
Be in Kashmir, NE India, Telangana, or elsewhere, chauvinism will not do. People must get the basics and as we progress, our right to rule the country internally as well as externally must be established.  Kashmiris are not mad people and neither religious maniac to want to secede but will like to remain with the rest of the people who give them equal right and respect! I am sure, even the people of occupied Kashmir will like to join the main stream! Wish more people understand this in addition to Prashant Bhushan, and not only AAP but other democratic parties must be forced to shun this chauvinism based on religion, region, and caste!
People want change, want basic necessities to be fulfilled, live in peace and harmony and in fact India is changing, so there will be solution of not only Kashmir (say J & K) but rest of the country!
Kashmir is not a black hole but very well an open question and solution do exist if democratic way is applied!

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Capton K K Sngh (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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