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Islamophobia: A Deliberate Plot by the Ruling Class

Islamophobia: A Deliberate Plot by the Ruling Class

Gp Capt KK Singh

Islamophobia is a deliberate plot by the monopoly capitalists, their state machinery, intelligence, NGOs, billions of money, media, social media trolls, education system, print media, specific organisations meant for this specific purpose, other religious criminals & thugs, etc.

Capitalism and all its various forms (State capitalism, Social Democracy, fascism, crony capitalism, etc) adopt all old, anti-progressive, anti-working class, anti-women ideologies in worse form to keep the exploited class-divided & keep them away from any resistance.

Here is religion, caste, colour discrimination, national chauvinism, personality cult, etc.

What is our role, the role of the revolutionaries, the progressive forces? Fight with the oppressors & exploiters with their tools, where we will lose for sure?

No! Let us be logical, scientific & revolutionary on all fronts, economy, politics, philosophy, spiritualism!

Understanding Dialectical Materialism, understanding source of exploitation, which is in the process of production, where Surplus Value is created, the political process through which this unjust system must be buried, which is “class unity & struggle” to capture the power, displace capitalist class dictatorship by that of the working class.

Comrades, this may sound bookish, boring & unpractical, but there is no alternative. There is no alternative to revolution, reform-ism is only palliative & short-term measure to hoodwink the mass.

While, we resist any form of oppression, which final aim is to divide us, our aim is to defeat capitalism itself, the mother of all evil!

Further, it’s not unpractical, however, complicated it may be. Production for social consumption is very much possible, rather for profit for less than 1% people, the elites, oligarchs!

We had such successful revolution and socialist society, namely, USSR, till Khrushchev & clichés’ treachery. We will do it again & very successfully in our respective countries & eventually the world over!

Long live revolution! Exploited people of the world unite!

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