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Joint protest against the brutal attack on worker activists

Joint protest organized by democratic organizations against the brutal attack on worker activists
10 May, 2014. A joint protest demonstration was organized outside the Uttar Pradesh Bhavan in Delhi by democratic organizations against the brutal attack on the worker activists of ‘Bigul Mazdoor dasta’ and ‘Gurgoan Mazdoor Sangarsh Samiti’ by the administration of Sri Ram Pistons and rings ltd.
The protest was jointly organized by various Worker and democratic rights organization. A memorandum was submitted to the resident commissioner demanding strict action. But Delhi Police tried to disperse the peaceful gathering.
Shivani, Bigul mazdoor dasta told that Police threatened to arrest the workers, journalists and University professors and tried to manhandle them. But all the organizations stood their ground and the meeting was conducted.
Shivani from Bigul mazdoor dasta conducted the gathering and said that this cowardly attack on one side exposes the fear of the factory owners and on the other hand makes the intention of the police and administration very clear as this incident took place in the presence of U.P police. She said that such incidents must be denounced by every organization that believes in protecting the democratic rights. Ajay from ‘Gurgoan Mazdoor Sangarsh samiti’ told that they were distributing pamphlets in support of the workers struggle of Sri Ram Pistons and ring ltd 500 metrs away from the Ghaziabad plant when suddenly 2 cars carrying 8 bouncers  came , and charged on them with rods, sticks and belt. After brutally beating them , the four worker activists were forcibly taken inside the premises of the plant, where the administration  called police and again beat the activists in presence of the police. Because of the brutal beating Tapish maindola’s leg was fractured, Anand’s  leg was also fractured and he received grave injuries on his head, Akhil was also injured, and Ajay had some minor injuries. From the premises of the factory the police took the injured activists to Sihani gate police station and instead of lodging an F.I.R  against  attackers the police tried to lodge an F.I.R against the four injured worker activists. But by then other worker activists had also reached the police station and because of the intervention by other human right activists, democratic rights activists, journalists and intellectuals  the police could not frame false charges against the four. A vital point to be noted is that during this entire process the police did not feel the need to provide medical help to the injured activists.
The activists said that the authorities, police and factory owners should not think that workers will be disheartened by such coward acts of violence instead they will continue their movement with even more strength and will, and also appeal to all the worker organizations, democratic rights organization, student organizations to show their solidarity with the workers struggle movement and join their cause.
Pradeep Kumar from Shri Ram Piston kaamgaar union came from Rajasthan to participate in the protest demonstration. He said that Shri Ram piston kaamgaar union criticizes the brutal attack on the worker activists and he also told the workers from the factory had organized a protest rally in Bhiwadi today but over 2000 poilce and cobra force had encircled the workers and told them that code 144 has been applied in the area and that they should stay at the place of strike. It is clear that the  Rajasthan state government and the police are serving the factory owners and that is why the rights of the workers are being snatched away with the least concern.
Santosh from Workers magazine said that this is an indication of the “good days” that are being promised that the worker activists are being brutally beaten. Suneel from Mazdoor Ekta Kendra and Deepak from Inqualibi Mazdoor Kendra, Manjit from P.U.D.R also condemned the incident. Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, Gurgoan mazdoor sangarsh samiti, P.U.D.R, Krantikari Yuva sangathan, Inqualabi Mazdoor Kendra, Mazdoor Patrika etc participated in the joint protest. The memorandum submitted to the resident commissioner demanded that the involved officers of the administration of the company and the security officials be immediately arrested, strict action be taken against the S.H.O of ghaziabaad and Sihani gate police station officials, and to inquire into the grave violation of labour laws in ghaziabaad etc.

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