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Kejriwal withdraws Dharana- Is Delhi Police a shame?

K K Singh
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM, withdrew his Dharana today evening. LG, Delhi assured him that his demands will be accepted by sending SHO and others on forced leave and will try to make Delhi a full state with Delhi Police under Delhi Government. I do not think, these assurance were sufficient to break this protest of AAP but other constraints must have weighed heavily on the shoulders of Kejriwal, like coming Republic Day Parade, inconvenience of people, AAP volunteers getting aggressive, terrorists getting opportunity to strike etc. Whatever reasons for withdrawal, there are many outcomes, good or bad, which cannot be ignored. Let’s analyse few of them:-
1. Delhi police, so far, had been working under corrupt and criminal politicians and themselves were equally corrupt and criminal and naturally were demoralised. Even the honest police officials were not able to perform their duties of protecting citizens and acting against law breakers and lacked moral values. This show of might of common man will change way of working of these uniformed personnel for ever.
2. Face of Congress and BJP totally exposed as their manifesto to give Delhi a full statehood was farce and wanted it to continue as before giving them security and maintaining VIP culture. AAP continues its fight for control over DP!
3. Common man, peasants and workers getting feel of participation in governance, which in itself is the greatest achievement of AAP. I can foresee in future many such, though may be smaller in its dimension, Dharanas, procession to oppose police tyranny or shielding criminals.
4. Congress, BJP and their allies will be very wary in supporting AAP government in future. Readers will remember, BJP wanted to support AAP to form government.
5. Media, where big corporates have huge stakes, was once again exposed by siding their original masters, probably instructed to use this occasion to paint AAP as anarchist party in the minds of common man. How much they succeeded will be clear later. Some of the survey, however, said more than 75% people supported AAP.
6. State and its machinery, if they want to do so, can take any measures to crush popular revolt. This time they not only barricaded people’s march, closed many metro stations but also closed public toilets, ‘forced’ mass to go violent and once failed, lathi charged on their own and later denied such action, even though it was in all media! Anarchism is resorted by mass, when all dreams of their relief through lawful means are exhausted and are utter hopeless with the existing conditions. At present not only such condition exists but there is another big catalyst, namely, AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal, who as CM, Delhi, and sleeps on roads for the people whom he represents and who have greatest faith in him. Whether, its revolution or not for the total emancipation of mankind, it’s positively a movement, in which people of Delhi and in another parts of India see their future!

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Capton K K Sngh (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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