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Kejriwal’s Visit to Gujarat & Modi’s Blunder!

K K Singh
On 05 March, 2014 Arvind Kejriwal (AK) entered Gujarat as planned and as covertly planned by Modi and “his” administration, he was detained by police and taken to police station but as would have been, they back tracked and released him. Initially, they claimed that AK and his team were breaking the code of conduct laid by the election commission, which was in vogue since 1200 hrs. But again, the police said they did not detain him but only took him for his security. In between, they also claimed that he was taken to police station to save him from the traffic congestion! This was first blunder of Modi and his strategists! Immediately, Delhi AAP called protest at BJP’s office and seeing a massive turn out, BJP leaders along with their goons attacked AAP volunteers with stones, chairs etc, and got some in retaliation!
Second blunder! After effects were also seen in Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna etc. but what is important is its political fallout! BJP leaders in their hurry to show their militancy and support to Modi, attacked AAP and called it Maoists, Naxals, anarchists and a party which never believes in Constitution! This is the 3rd blunder of Modi and his planners! Few quotes here is necessary to see how much do BJP believes in democracy and democratic institution! Golwalkar in 1940 addressing RSS cadres said- RSS inspired by one flag, one leader and one ideology is lighting the flame of Hindutva in each and every corner of this land. (Collected works of Golwalkar, Vol 1, p 11, Bhartiya Vichar Sadhana, ND). Incidentally “one flag, one leader and one ideology” was battle cry of Nazis and Fascists in first half of 20th century! So, the RSS, Jan Sangh and later BJP, which was formed after destroying 1974-77 revolution, has roots in not democracy but in dictatorship and fascism.
BJP came to power by destroying Babari Masjid and later riding over polarisation of 2002 riots. Now this party, incensed by Arvind Kejriwal’s visit to Gujarat and the fear of being exposed Modi’s lies on so called development. Where did Modi and his administration go wrong? In haste to disrupt AK’s road show, they detained him but did not realise, it may backfire and that too not only in Gujarat but in the entire country.
Countering AAP further, it not only attacked them in Delhi, but in Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna etc. in hope of intimidating the volunteers of a revolutionary party but failed. In turn, AAP workers are infuriated and this anger may be channelized into changing the system, rather blow it out in countering vandalism!
Here, I will like to analyse, the lull period of AAP, which started after resignation of the Delhi government till recently, when party was undergoing process of selection of its candidates, strengthening the party structure and formulating its strategy. The top leadership was busy in these activities and media management, the lower and middle class workers felt neglected. I would prefer to say, they were action less and idle. We must remember, revolution does not wait for someone or some party to be led, it goes into oblivion, if not used. Another very important reason for this lull moment in AAP volunteers was “lateral entry” of few, who not only hogged lime lights on media etc but also were given preference as candidates and party leadership, and the grass root workers were ignored. I am aware, this will be refuted by top leaders but if one mingles AAP members at lower level offices like Nazafgarh, Palam, etc and even out of Delhi, this feeling was evident. This incidence of Gujarat, galvanised the original workers of AAP along with new volunteers and that can be seen not only in Delhi but elsewhere. This is where Modi and his strategist failed and helped wave of AAP to rise once again!! What next? There is hardly time for the election to start and formulate any new strategy!
Aap ki Kranti seems to be main journal of AAP and is widely published but seems its circulation has dwindled. It’s not even supplemented by pamphlets, which was most needed to keep AAP supporters united, though they have many online web pages. Journals, legal or illegal, had been back bone of any revolution. Yes, electronic social media has replaced it somehow, but yet not only in rural but in urban India, people do read these messages and attach big values to them. Still, in evening, one can see on road side tea stalls, small gathering with few pages of newspaper and discussing with great interest. These people follow the revolution and ensure its victory. Greater transparency, guidance, reach to remote areas, nookad sabhas, door to door campaign had been strength of AAP and must be pursued with vigour. Legal knowledge of election process, restrictions etc., surprising is better known to the cadres compared to those of Congress and BJP as latter members do not hesitate in breaking the code of conduct regularly but everyone is ready with magnifying glass to raise finger on emerging AAP!
I was not to make lessons for AAP but just to enumerate few points which I found in continuation with 1974-77 rise and yet different due rise of social media and other aspects of changing time!
Modi’s rise has hit its worst speed breaker and BJP is fuming on AAP for destroying its dream to capture central power and replace Congress as corporate’s favourite, be it Indian or MNCs! Crucial time for Corporates, which though till now, have failed to realise that AAP is not against capitalism but its side effects, like inflation, unemployment, corruption. This last point is raised by the Leftist and claim that AAP is only to purify Capitalism, but when it’s their turn, they join Congress in name of keeping BJP out of power and even 3rd front which is nothing but amalgam of equally opportunists and corrupts to share power and loot! Left has lost their revolutionary ethos and are busy trying to remain relevant.
Arvind Kejriwal entry into Gujarat is another master stroke, which has unnerved Narendra Modi and his planners, and only time will tell, that too very shortly, if they can recover the acceleration, which they had managed on lies, rhetoric and personality cult!!

About the author

Captain KK Singh, (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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