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KOMAL GANDHAR! Forget not Ritwik Ghatak and his musicality, melodrama, sound design, frames to understand Partition of India!

They kept the Zamindari and their Riyasat and partitioned India, Indian people and turned the nation into Zamindari, Riyasat. It is the caste class hegemony against which Ritwik Ghatak made his films! Komal Gandhar is the masterpiece to understand India and us, the Indian People!

It is overlapping Abhigyan Shkuntalam and the Buffer shot zooms in the present scenario of BEEF BAN and BEEF Festival, both of which oppose India and Indian people! Polarizing us with religious and caste identities. It is politics as well as the economics of Free Marge Global Order, Global Hindutva and governance of Fascism!

The story is about partition and its impact, IPTA and Indian Communist movement!

I am grateful to You Tube for the clippings! I am grateful to Ei Samay for Kumar Sahani interviewed which opened the opportunity for me to discuss the Partition of India, transfer of population and its impact. I extended the frame of the Webcam and the frame. It is an experiment. If you endorse it, I may present other stories of partition!

I was born in a refugee resettlement colony.

I was brought up there and witnessed the absent humanscape and landscape, the lost musicality, sound system, six seasons and overwhelming folk, the tragedy, the flowing Padma and Madhumati rivers, the calamities, the association with nature from which they never recovered.

It is the unprecedented violence, the hatred campaign we inherit from the partition of India, even the institutional fascism, continuous holocaust across the border, the disintegration, the personality disorder, Social disorder and disorganization and political anarchy and terror! As we lose the legacy of universal fraternity, association with Nature, the celebration of life, mother tongue, homeland everything even the civic and human rights, citizenship!

Komal Gandhar and every film made by Ritwik Ghatak is all about the aesthetics of social realism inherited by Nabarun Bhattacharya in his writings. It is complete degeneration, loss of identity and faith, religion!

The Ultimate human tragedy is the story of Komal Gandhar. It is the story of Indian People`s theatre and alternative cinema, alternative media, art and literature.

I dare to deal with the masterpiece just because it is mandatory in an environment of the riotous civil war because of the Hindutva agenda and the latest BEEF Scandal to divide the country with religious and caste identity. If we have to stop this nonsense, we have to understand the phenomenon of partition and its overlapping impact, the lost musicality which is the soul of Indian cinema. We have to go through the melodrama of the partition Holocaust.

Palash Biswas

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पलाश विश्वास। लेखक वरिष्ठ पत्रकार, सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता एवं आंदोलनकर्मी हैं । आजीवन संघर्षरत रहना और दुर्बलतम की आवाज बनना ही पलाश विश्वास का परिचय है। हिंदी में पत्रकारिता करते हैं, अंग्रेजी के लोकप्रिय ब्लॉगर हैं। “अमेरिका से सावधान “उपन्यास के लेखक। अमर उजाला समेत कई अखबारों से होते हुए "जनसत्ता" कोलकाता से अवकाशप्राप्त। पलाश जी हस्तक्षेप के सम्मानित स्तंभकार हैं।

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