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Modi is a autocrat, who does not go by democratic model of functioning

Ram Puniyani
The Forthcoming Elections: The forthcoming general elections, expected to be held somewhere in the middle of 2014 are very crucial to the survival of Indian Democracy, as in these elections, the major opposition party, the BJP has already declared its Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. There is a big noise about declaring the Prime Ministerial candidate by BJP. This is very much opposed to our system of democracy, where first the Members of parliament are elected who in turn elect the Prime Minister. BJP wants to take the matters in the direction of Presidential system of elections, which has different sets of problems and is unsuitable for a country with diversity like ours.
With Narendra Modi being projected a big section of media, social media and section of social classes; middle classes in particular are creating an atmosphere as if Modi is the solution to our problems. Modi is a trained swayamsevak of RSS, who rose to the level of Pracharak and after working as Organizing Secretary in BJP, was deputed to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. When he took over as the Chief Minister, the prospects of BJP were declining in Gujarat. It is precisely at this time the Godhra incident occurred and, making Godhra train burning as a pretext massive communal violence was unleashed, in which the state led by Modi was complicit, to say the least. This has polarized the Gujarat society and due to this polarization, Modi has been rising from strength to strength, winning Gujarat Assembly with huge margin.
After the carnage, the victims were not given the necessary rehabilitation and the struggle for getting them justice is still on and is very difficult. The minorities have been relegated to second class citizenship, and the condition of dalits, women and adivasis is abysmal. At the same time a massive propaganda, with the help of US ad agency and supported by different wings of Sangh Parivar has been launched that there is something like’ Gujarat Model’ of development, due to which Gujarat under the leadership of Modi has progressed excellently. This has by now become part of ‘social common sense’. The attached sheet shows that while this propaganda has caught on, the reality is totally different. Not only that, Gujarat was already a developed state, during the same period of time many other states like Maharashtra, Haryana, Tamil Nadu have made much better progress. The social indices of Gujarat, in a way, are not very good. The nutrition of children, the blood levels (Hemoglobin) of pregnant women, the rate of employment generation all are very bad in Gujarat.
 Modi is being projected as a non corruptible strong leader. As a matter of fact where the state Government spent crores of rupees in court cases to avoid the appointment of Lok Ayukta, which is a step towards eradication of corruption. As far as Modi being ‘strong’ is concerned, one should note that Modi is a autocrat, who does not go by democratic model of functioning, he has appropriated all the powers to himself in Gujarat Government, there is no room for dissent in the Government policies. Dissent and debate are the way, the democracy functions. Lot is being stated that Modi will solve all the problems related to security in the society. The point is in Gujarat the sex ratio is has slightly declined (2001 920, 2011- 918) the atrocities on dalits and adivasis have increased. The cases of sexual assault on women are aplenty.

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Ram Puniyani was a professor in biomedical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and took voluntary retirement in December 2004 to work full time for communal harmony in India. He is involved with human rights activities from last two decades.He is associated with various secular and democratic initiatives like All India Secular Forum, Center for Study of Society and Secularism and ANHAD.

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