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Modi is Married- BJP/RSS culture does not see any fault in quitting wives

Modi is now, as personality cult, is the compulsion of the corporate world; BJP/RSS culture does not see any fault in quitting wives
K K Singh
Modi was forced to declare his marital status, fearing cancellation of his nomination, “married” as Election Commission is not accepting blank columns! He accepted he was married decades ago. It’s not important that his lies are exposed one by one. Gujarat model is exposed beyond economical repair and he removed Gujarat government web page to hide the damage done. His statement on martyr’s memorial that they did not exist in India was a blatant lie, and even exposed that he never visited any of them as he was busy in praising traders and their capabilities to take risks more than soldiers! Another lie is about fighting against corruption which he borrowed from AAP, where he fought against Gujarat Lokayukta for more than a decade up to SC with more than 40 Crore of tax payers’ money to save his corrupt colleagues in his own ministry and his criminal acts in 2002 riots!
Most of people knew he was married and his wife’s name was Yashoda Ben, who after being ditched, lived in anonymity! Today what is important for political analysts is to compare with Congressmen, who rush to protect Rahul Gandhi or Vadra on their false or illogical statements with that of BJP persons rushing to protect Modi!! More importantly, why the supporters, especially the women, are still with Modi, though there is a sharp drop in women supporters if social media is the gauge of their mood. The corporate world and their media have no choice but to continue supporting Modi as they have already invested with the latter and now it’s late to rely on sinking Congress. They do not wish to take chances with AAP as they claim in their manifesto to control the natural wealth of our country for the common man, fight against crony capitalism with JLPB and other available state machineries. So that’s the crux of the whole matter. Modi is now, as personality cult, is the compulsion of the corporate world; BJP/RSS culture does not see any fault in quitting wives without any notice but even see it as a sacrifice as if those married guys living with their wives are most selfish men on the earth!! Middle class population, supporting Modi is either due hope of Hindu Rashtra as panacea of all present evils or in hope of corporate raising high rate of profit(For their comfort call it GDP) for further concentration of wealth in a few hands and ‘India again Shining’, not realizing that they have no share in that ‘growth’!! Few also are with BJP to defeat Congress as they do not have firm believe in AAP capability to rout both evils! Our country has seen anti-women acts, culture since ages (Remember Sati Pratha?) and is not aghast by Modi’s declaration of his marriage. Still it has an effect on voters, especially in urban India, they will think twice before casting their valuable votes for the future of India, no, for the future of themselves.

About the author

Captain KK Singh, (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of hastakshep.com/old

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