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GUJARAT : Motorbike rally by Khedut Samaj-Gujarat (KSG) denied permission; Assembly elections used as a pretext to deny democratic rights

Leaders of KSG detained

Khedut Samaj-Gujarat, a state-wide farmers’ organisation had organised a motor-bike rally starting today, 17th November, to highlight farmers’ issues and the plight of agriculture before the state elections. This is a democratic right available to all. Under the pretext of the state Assembly elections the police in Surat have denied permission to the rally. The issue has been raised before the State Election Commission (SEC) as well as the National Election Commission (EC) and the Chief Justice, Gujarat High Court.

Khedut Samaj-Gujarat said,

“Despite this, the farmers and the KSG were determined to exercise their right and went ahead with the rally. This morning when the KSG and the leaders and members tried to go ahead with the rally the President of KSG Jayesh Patel, Secretary Sagar Rabari and other leaders and members were taken into detention.

This is a violation of the democratic rights of the people and the farmers. Elections are the biggest festival of democracy; it is very ironic that the very celebration of democracy is being made into a reason for denial of democratic rights.”

Khedut Samaj-Gujarat said, “The KSG is, however, determined to go ahead with its plan of the rally after their release.”

Socialactivist Sagar Rabari told that Jayesh Patel, Sagar Rabari and other activists of Khedut Samaj illegally detained near killa Pardi (Vap, Gujarati).

Sagar Rabari said, “As you all know that Khedut Samaj has been spearheading Struggle against the land grabbing policy in the name of DMIC,bullet train, expressway etc.., of the present govt. in Gujarat.”

“Various organisations and struggling committees from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Dadara Nagar Haveli, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab came together under the banner of Bhumiputra Bachav Andolan.

A Janajagruti yatra (peoples' awareness campaign) to expose the anti farmer, anti-constitution policies of land grabbing and corporate loot has been organised. On 15th November 2018 on the occasion of Birsa Munda jayanti the first stage of the yatra was started from Vasai in Palghar (Maharashtra)”, added Sagar Rabari.

Kaluram Kaka, Shashi Sonawane, Kamalakar Adhikari, Raju Pandhara , Prahlad Adhikari for

BHUPUTRA BACHAV ANDOLAN at PARDI GUJARAT said in a joint statement,

“The second phase of the yatra – "KHEDUT BACHAV LOKSHAHI BACHAV YAYRA" was planned by Khedut Samaj in Gujarat which was to start today morning from Bhilad to Palampur and then to Rajasthan. The Khedut Samaj had given written information about the yatra to the election commission and the concerned authorities.

Inspite of the fact that this yatra is for protection of democracy and farmers, the autocratic state machinery has illegally detained Jayesh Bhai Patel, President and Sagar Bhai Rabari, General Secretary of Khedut Samaj along with hundreds of activists.

Khedut Samaj. As you all know elections are going on in Gujarat. Political parties are free to have their propaganda but the farmers of Gujarat who are fighting to protect their land, environment are denied their fundamental right to express their viewpoint to the public.

We condemn this illegal detention and demand that the activists should be immediately released and their democratic , constitutional right to express, propagate their views should be safeguarded.”

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