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Kailash ji Launches Bharat Yatra. Prime Minister Offers Support.

Kailash Satyarthi

I declare a war on Child Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking. I refuse to accept that the innocence, smiles and freedom of our children keeps getting stripped and raped every single minute!  I announce today history's biggest social mobilization, the Bharat Yatra.

I refuse to accept and let perpetrators go free and fearless and the victims continue to live in fear. This is not an ordinary crime the children face. It is a moral epidemic haunting our country and the world. We cannot accept this. We have to break our silence as a nation. We have to raise our voice, united as a nation, to stop this menace.

I have been thinking for a long time about this. I spoke to my friends, fellow Noble Laureates, my well wishers, faith leaders of all faiths and realized how effective it could be when I go across the nation and try to awaken the consciousness of the people of my country.  People that I met told me that what I am doing is something not other Laureates have done. I told them that I am not going to remain silent. I fought against child labour and I fought against lack of access to education, I am not going to fight against Child Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse.

We should create a society where daughters and sons feel free to walk, talk, feel free to share with their parents if anything goes wrong in their life. If relatives and family members are committing a crime against the child, that should be brought to light. We should not leave any stone unturned. This is a war I want to fight.

Children are being sold for Rs. 20,000. When I speak to victims’ families they ask me with anguish how are we getting sold cheap. Even animals are sold for a higher price. Are our children worse than animals? Let us rise above all politics and religion to put an end to this menace. These children don’t belong to any religion, caste or creed. They are being targeted because they are children and they are helpless. I want to save the future generation of this country. By doing that, I am pledging to save the nation and save our future.

I appeal to each and every citizen of this country to join me for the sake of your daughter and son. It's a moral epidemic. It can capture everyone. I promise we will fight this menace together. We are going to put an end to this. I call upon you to join me. You are not doing this for me, you are doing this for a better future for your children.  

I would like to see a strong law against child trafficking. Awareness and public action needs to help in strengthening the law. One crore people will take the pledge to the end the violence against children through the Bharat Yatra.  Surakshit Bachpan srakshit Bharat is the theme of the Yatra. I have tremendous pride in announcing this. The Yatra will start on September 11th from Kanyakumari and end in Delhi on the 15th of October. I invite the media to be our partners in this war against rape, sexual assault and violence, trafficking and all forms of violence against children. I’m happy that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has offered his support for the Yatra.

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