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Radioactive leak might be a reality anytime! New Delhi might not be that safe as it seems to be.

Radioactive leak might be a reality anytime! New Delhi is not far away from Narora Atomic plant and mind you Polonium 230 has been detected in Sunada Pushkar`s dead body which is produced by nuclear plants. PM has  signed  nuclear reactor with every nation which would be deployed around mega metro cities countrywide and smart cities would not have any environment ecological concern as those smart bullet cities would be grown killing Indian agrarian economy making Indian economy and economy of consumers and killing the productive communities who have been protecting humanity and nature as their survival is linked with it.

Change in land use nationwide for foreign capital based Hindutva model development is all about the truth of manmade calamities.

New Delhi might not be that safe as it seems to be. Nuclear plants around Delhi is the future of Hindu Imperialism literally as well as physically and any mega earthquake might explode Tehri Dam planed on New delhi`s head despite Namaami Ganges!

Mumbai either would not be that safe after Mumba Devi gets the nuclear cluster transplanted on her breasts of hunger and famine.

Chennai has its own nuclear share and Kolkata might not be deprived as the Bengal Tigress has not uttered a single word in protest as the union cabinet cleared Haripur Nuclear Project which she made a major issue during Singur Nandigram times.

I have been writing this time and again in Hindi.

Indian democracy is reduced to centralized RSS governance of fascism supported and managed by Billionaire Millionaire hegemony which overlooks calamities inflicting the nation again and again.

Laws have been amended breaking the constitutional framework to ensure the implementation of billion dollar projects including chemical and nuclear without green signal and green activism is banned.

A war against Man and Nature is all about the growth Saga.

Thus, those ruling India from New Delhi and Nagpur and launching unprecedented hate campaign of cent percent Hindutva along with exclusion and ethnic cleansing for PPP Model Gujarati development of Zionist Hindutva flavour might not understand what amount of calamities they create for the nation and for themselves.

The minor leak at Delhi’s IGI airport might be a timely warning against the major disaster imminent as no security is enough for radioactive leak and the ruling hegemony with shopping list of weapons of mass destruction could never understand the phenomenon of self-destruction as it is engaged in a war against the people, the nation, the nature, humanity and civilization.

The Himalayas might explode as a mega atom Bomb as glaciers continue to melt down and sooner or later we would not have anything to drink but the pest mixed cold drinks and we would not have any food as the green top is being deserted for billion trillion trillions projects of destruction all on name of growth and development.

Radioactive leak detected at Delhi’s IGI airport very, very small, says NDRF chief as media reports but the radioactive leak might be a reality on mass scale as growth saga heralds radioactive calamities being arranged by ruling hegemony just for free flow of foreign capital. Kedar water tsunami is followed by Nepal mega earthquake. Earlier India has seen real Tsunami in the Bay of Bengal.

We have been warning against these man made calamities since seventies but the governance of ethnic cleansing has no scope for public debate or public hearing whatsoever.

Mind you, glacial earthquakes are earthquakes as large as

Magnitude 5.1 that occur in glaciated areas where the glacier moves faster than one kilometre per year.

Mind you, Geologists in Nepal have warned that repeated aftershocks following the devastating April 25 earthquake, pose serious threats to around 20 glaciers leading to a potential outburst.

According to a report published on Monday in Kantipur daily, experts warned locals living in lower riparian areas of these glaciers near Mount Everest should remain vigil.

Till Sunday evening, over 160 aftershocks were recorded by Nepal’s National Seismological Record Centre.

Such repeated aftershocks made the land around the glaciers very vulnerable and weak, Nepal University’s Centre for Meteorology and Hydrology chief, Rijan Bhaktha Kayastha said.

Among the 20 vulnerable glaciers situated in quake risk areas, three glacial lakes — Thulagi, Tsho Rolpa and Imja — could pose a serious threat, he said.

State owned department of hydrology and meteorology has said that it will conduct field study at upper Himalayan region to asses the situation in the area.

As Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast annual growth of 7.3 percent in the quarter, New Delhi faced the radioactive alarm and a Turkish Airlines flight, which landed at 4:30 am from Istanbul, had supposedly carried ten packets of radioactive material, out of which four had leaked. Sources said the four packets of a yellow-coloured liquid were suspected to have spread out of its sanitised container after which a special squad of the National Disaster Response Force team was called in to check and contain it.

However, for the 2014/15 fiscal year ending in March, growth came in at 7.3 percent compared with an earlier official estimate of 7.4 percent. Growth was 6.9 percent in 2013/14.

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