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Rejecting Kashmir Valley RSS is making in Bangladesh, Be Aware! RSS has to install a Kashmiri Pundit Raj in Kashmir

Stop making in Bangladesh in Kashmir!
Please stop to think about Jammu and Kashmir an Indian colony!
Had Bhutto opted for democracy and respected mandate, Bangladesh would not have been separated from Pakistan.
The grand old Mufti in Kashmir and the blue eyed boy Umar should join together to stop RSS!
The grand old Mufti in Kashmir and the blue eyed boy Umar should join together to stop RSS!
For me it is not the end of the year.
It seems to turn to be the end of our fight against forces killing humanity, agrarian world, indigenous business and livelihood, industry and production system, environment, ecology. weather and bio cycle, mother tongue, art and literature and the civilization. I am mourning for our time.
I belonged to Uttar Pradesh before it was divided. I was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. I witnessed Maliyana and Hashimpura genocides in Meerut  and I had to bleed witnessing my Sikh brothers being killed as a working journalist based in Meerut during 1984 to 1989. I had to witness all that happened on the name of God, Ram ke Naam live. I witnessed the first attempt of Babri demolition along with anti-reservation rights. Now the latest update is that UP was most continued this year too to report most incidents of communal violence with 129 incidents in which 25 persons died and 364 persons were injured.
I know the exact meaning of Cent Percent Hindutva and I belong to an untouchable partition victim family from East Bengal rooted deep into Indian folk and Indian peasantry, representing the continuity of all indigenous agrarian insurrection including those in Uttar Pradesh undivided.
My father led the first Refugee movement in Terai in 1956 and he also stopped trains in Charbagh, lucknow  during Sucheta regime. He also lead the 1958 uprising of peasants in Dhimri Block in the Terai region.
Hereby, I understand every tactics of the Hindu imperialism.
Hereby, I do understand why RSS launched a campaign against Bollywood movie PK for nothing to deviate and defocus the debate on Ordinance Raj of thousands and thousands of East India Company, free flow of foreign capital and black money unabated.
RSS has to install a Kashmiri Pundit Raj in Kashmir. For which it might segregate Kashmir valley and entire Kashmir separating it from Kashmir and be happy with Jammu to eject out the Muslim demography there as it, in Hindu Mahasabha Avatar planned and accomplished the agenda of the partition of India and the continuous holocaust all over the divided bleeding geopolitics.
Two nation ideology was first invoked by the Hindu Imperialism and It was Hindu Mahasabha led by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and NC Chatterjee who planned the partition of India with surgical precision and we could never know how well they performed as case of the murder of the Indian Nation has been lodged against the British Raj along with Gandhi and Nehru and all of us do believe.
We are ready now to worship Nathuram Godse who killed Gandhi.
Vajpayee is the Bharat Ratna who was the Prime Minister of India and his RAJ Dharma did not stop Babri demolition or the Gujarat Genocide.
Founder member of Hindu Mahasabha, Pdt. Madan Mohan Malviya is also a Bharat Ratna.
Next time we have to see many more Ratnas in the line. The Iron man LK Adwani, the real king of Hindutva as the Patwardhan film, Ram ke Nam show cases every evidence of Babri demolition against him, Nathuram Godse, Golwalkar, Hegdewar, Bir Savarkar and finally Amit Sah ,the mastermind of Hinduization at present.
RSS has no sympathy for Non-Aryan Hindus either.
RSS has no sympathy for Non-Aryan Hindu Refugees.
RSS has no sympathy for Non-Aryan Non Hindu geography at all.
RSS is adamant to cut off the Non Aryan Non Hindu demography of Kashmir and the blame must go to the Muslim leaders branding them as Pro Pak Separatist, Islamist, Extremist.
Kashmir is under AFSPA rule and RSS has thing to prove its point and the First cadre of RSS is ruling India.
It is high time the secular and democratic forces in India, and those who stand united to fight for civic and human rights should understand this ground zero reality.
If the Politics in India as well as well the Politics in Kashmir happened to be committed to the interest of the Indian democratic and secular Nation and the deprived persecuted demography of Kashmir Valley, it must do everything to stop the brutal sedition to make in Bangladesh in Kashmir.
I am not talking in terms of hypothesis and neither has it happened to DOOR Ki KAUDI as RSS stooges might cry.
I am pasting all relevant documents which expose the role of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who divided Pakistan just being adamant to stop a Mujib Government in East Pakistan.
History has many more evidences that no amount of repression or ethnic cleansing is enough to sustain a colony.
Please stop to think about Jammu and Kashmir an Indian colony.
Pl do not wish me happy new year.
I dare not celebrate in the times of ethnic cleansing and Manusmriti Zionist rule.
I may not welcome US President Barack Obama as RSS is adamant to make in cent percent Hindu nation wiping out every non-Hindu beside Muslims, Christians and refugees, even the Non Aryan Hindus.
It is a time to address all unpopular basic issues. RSS is adamant to make Bangladesh in Kashmir Valley and is all set to inject poison in entire Himalayas to install pundit hegemony in Kashmir dividing Kashmir and at the same time installing Hindutva in Nepal to set on fire the entire Himalayan zone right from Tibet, Bhutan and Indian ranges, altitudes and glaciers in the Himalayas.
Better, if you dislike me, remove me at once from your friendship as I never unfriend and my friends do wait to connect me so that I may connect to those friends whom I am unable to connect at this point.
O – Palash Biswas

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