Salman Khan with Modi!

KK Singh
Modi tweets his picture with Salman Khan and his blind followers are going gaga as if new India is in progress by this incident!
By the way, he later said he will vote for Congress!! Personality cult is never an answer to democracy, people’s Swaraj, it only breeds sycophancy and ways for further exploitation of mass! Modi’s love for Ambani/Adani is well known and his hatred for a true JLPB too is known, in which he fought for more than 10 years on people’s money upto SC and pleaded twice in form of re-appeal etc. but finally when ordered to make it, he dilapidated it to the level that it has become teeth less and another burden to Indian tax payers!
So called Gujarat development is concerned, it has slipped further down compared to other states and is highly indebted. Crores of Rs have been wasted by hiring foreign APCO and by the way, Rahul Gandhi as well to ‘decorate’ these hidden anti democratic and anti-people men! Today people are against Congress as well as BJP, and their all allies and that was proved by previous election in which 14 lakhs voters opted for NOTA!!!
New India has to shun personality cult, national or religious chauvinism and work on theory, revolutionary one, unite people on class and not on caste or region to demolish present state based on exploitation! Today, AAP is the only answer, against which whole corporate is united, abrogation of FDI in Delhi and FICCI’s reaction is an example!
[author image=”” ]Capton K K Sngh (Krishna Kant Singh) is defence expert.He Worked at Indian Air Force, now he is active with Aam Admi Party. He is respected columnist of[/author]