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Snow storm takes over entire America that we try our best to replicate killing the Nature and the Humanity!

I am afraid, there would remain the Himalayas, of course, but the Himalayan people would not survive and would extinct in the continued continuous tense of man-made calamities!
Snow storm takes over entire America that we try our best to replicate killing the Nature and the Humanity!
We aspire to become next America, the global superpower and lo, just see how climate plays havoc with the super power! India’s economy will accelerate in 2015/16 but will fail to attain the heady growth rates of the past decade without sweeping structural reforms, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Wednesday.
Mind you, in a bid to revive India’s economy, PM Narendra Modi has unveiled a set of reforms. … Over the past few days, Modi’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced a string of reforms, including plans to overhaul the country’s labour laws, open India’s coal industry to private companies, free diesel prices from state control, and make scrutiny of factories transparent to … Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP swept to power in a landslide election win in May on promises that he would revitalize the Indian economy.
I am afraid, there would remain the Himalayas, of course, but the Himalayan people would not survive and would extinct in the continued continuous tense of man-made calamities!
We just forgot all the lost villages, the lost humanscapes along with most beautiful valleys, forests, water resources and so on. We did not care to lose Old Tehri with its history and heritage and never wept for those hundreds villages merged into Tehri Dam. We did not oppose indiscriminate builder prompter raj everywhere the Himalayas.
We were concerned for the tourism and the rescue and relief operation during Kedar Himalayan tsunami was an exercise to save tourism which had to nothing with the Himalayan people, lost Himalayan valleys and villages.
However, we have one Sunder Lal Bahuguna who could see glaciers becoming deserts changing the weather, climate, environment and life. Only man to speak on the impending water and food crisis.
My dear friends, you may not know, I belong to the Himalayas as much as the Himalayan people do.
Incidentally, Sundrelal Bahuguna and Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna were also Bengali originally, Bandopadhyaya.
We know that neither the lost homeland in erstwhile East Pakistan, nor the hegemony ruled West Bengal, means anything for us who are the residents of Uttarakhand since the partition of India.
Uttarakhand and the Himalayas have always protected us and hence, we have to speak as Uttarakhandi.
I just forwarded some comments which brand me as Bangladeshi as the Sangh Pariwar is branding entire lot of the East Bengal partition victims irrespective of religion for a debate objective as every inch of Uttarakhand is snatched away in the same way as we our people lost their homeland in 1947.
We have been subject to infinite persecution across political borders just because of the racial apartheid practiced against us.
The Sangh Pariwar, the flag bearers are practicing racial apartheid against mongoloid Himalayan people irrespective of religious or caste or geography as they practice apartheid against all communities belonging to negroid origin including the entire tribal geography.
Thus the making in India means nothing but brutal mass destruction of the agrarian, even business communities belonging to non-aryan identities, the entire lot of nature associated people.
They have not to opt for any gas chamber or Bhopal Gas Tragedy, or Sikh Genocide, or Gujarat killing or Babri mosque destruction on the name of God and religion.
They just make in India killing whatever made in India, the indigenous production system and producers in India.
They have to change the constitution to kill the democracy and introduce Manusmriti rule absolute, patriarchal enslaving women and children, the working classes.
They are changing every law to kill the constitutional safeguards like fundamental rights, resource and revenue management, land acquisition, environment, forest law, fifth and sixth schedules and Hindu code, Muslim personal law, labour laws, mining laws, banking act, taxation to make India an America, an Open market.
I am afraid, there would remain the Himalayas, of course, and But the Himalayan people would not survive and would extinct in the continued continuous tense of man-made calamities.
I do not guess the current location of the most beautiful lady, most empowered and most enlightened lady, the foreign minister of India as a NRI prime minister is doing everything essential to kill the nature and humanity. The foreign ministry is without the foreign minister as India is destined to become yet another America without nature and humanity.
Sangh Pariwar is not only selling off natural resources but it is selling Indian citizenship to foreign capital and foreign interests practicing blatant apartheid against nature associated agrarian communities in India.
The NRI prime minister is going to break a record to tour around the world to invite foreign capital for making in India and the government at home is pushing for reforms resultant in not only devastation of the economy and the production system focusing the fabricated growth story created by foreign agencies, but it amounts in mass destruction, ethnic cleansing countrywide!
All laws are going to be broken to clear the environment envelop.
All laws are going too amended to suit the foreign capital and foreign interest.
It is a FDI government working on the name of false gods and goddesses with self-styled divinity invoking high voltage religious nationalism dividing the people on racial, caste, identity and communal lines so no resistance whatsoever might resist the killers` hegemony.
IT is called a ‘lake-effect’ snowstorm — and it has paralysed cities across the US, with temperatures falling to freezing in all 50 states, including Hawaii.
Lake-effect snow is produced during cooler atmospheric conditions when cold winds move across long expanses of warmer lake water, providing energy and picking up water vapour, which freezes and is deposited on the leeward shores.
CNN meteorologist Chad Myers calls it ‘thunder snow’.
“The steam from the lake … (is) still much warmer than the air,” he said.
“The air is in the teens and the water in the 40s. That steam comes up and wants to rise. That rise … creates a thunder storm but it’s so cold it doesn’t rain. It just snows.”
Our people though have already seen tsunami in the ocean along with annual cyclones, earthquakes, floods so often and continuous land slide right from the Himalayas to Pune and Kolkata. Kolkata deprived of mangrove umbrella and all sorts of water resources is predestined to witness subsidence as we were in a fire zone somewhere in the coalfields. Maratha lead news just broke in a screaming headline,yethe ek gaon hote! Finished.it may break yet another headline,Kuthe Himalaya Hote. Kolkata newspapers scream. Pralay aaschhe!
No calamity dares to touch our heart or mind or senses. We just forget tsunami,, earthquake, flood, landslide and so on just crying for rescue and relief. The echoes of the cry never do die as we are habitual to change our current mode in yet another calamity.
Australia and India will push for a free trade pact between their countries, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday, during a rare state visit to Canberra by an Indian leader.
Australia on Monday finalised a landmark free trade deal with China more than ten years in the making, significantly expanding ties between the world’s second largest economy and one of Washington’s closest allies in Asia.
O- Palash Biswas

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