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Speakers won’t budge for their business is- to speak

Speaking Trees
Dr. Simmi Gurwara
Speaking sans listening has no consequence. But still they do, relentlessly and seem to care not in the least about the sufferers who they make their subjects in order to relieve their truck loads of sentimental saga. They hurl words after words. Verbosity is their chosen weaponry to slay the opponents. High sounding words with politically incorrect meanings fight out for their up-word-ship. Some key words take a heavy toll on others that lose out in the race to grab attention.  Who listens and who doesn’t is of little value to our charged up speaker-class. They speak for the sake of speaking and not because they want to win us over.

Arguments and counter arguments occupy centre stage. Listening is optional. Our active, alive and live speakers don’t resort to a passive activity like listening unless they are forced to. First of all, nobody has the time. Secondly no body has the patience to lend his or her ears to others’ speeches. Everyone prefers to butt in. What’s the fun in having a grand stand view when one can play games?

No, it is not that the speakers do not look out for the listeners. Of course they do. But they do not want their listeners to turn into speakers. Sounding boards will do to the majority of self-motivated speakers whose objective in life is to make a point. This undying zeal is the main culprit. Action oriented folks will say what they have to say and will keep on saying until you surrender or vanish from the scene.

Such is the determination of fiery-mouthed speakers that they can go on and on until they realize their bucketful of ideas have run dry. Repetition is used then both as a device and as a habitual rut. The broken records refuse to die down.

Interestingly such committed speakers are immune to the grimace and darting gaze of their listeners. These born speakers are quite stoic in their attitude towards their listeners who may beef about incomprehension and confounded state of their minds. If the listeners protest by daring to make some sense of what is spoken about, their presence is obviated. Here the goal is not to make discretionary remarks but to speak till you make the receivers go bonkers.

Understanding is a dangerous proposition. Hence every effort is made by our worthy speakers to obfuscate the issues. Herein comes the use of masterly art and science of speaking that can make an ordinary speech less than ordinary by the virtue of its content but extraordinary in its dramatic appeal. The vigor and vitality that go hand in hand explain the inexplicable magic of the speakers who, come what may, speak their minds mindlessly. Passion overrules perseverance as the motor-mouths get set and go.
Poor listeners bear the brunt of these hardcore speakers who give two hoots to their passive partners. The more you speak the more points you score is the fundamental principle of uncouth master speakers. Seeing the irrepressible desire of big mouths, it won’t be surprising if we find them speaking, nay rambling, bereft of the company of listeners who can poke their noses intermittently.
It is no more difficult to cultivate the skill of speaking when you are surrounded with so many who speak at the drop of a hat, fibbing and fabricating story after story. We may like them, we may dislike them but we can’t ignore them because they are the grand masters who inspire us to follow in. Their institutional affiliations make no difference to their speaking prowess. They are above party lines. Affiliations are meant for people who think and rationalize not for the ones who ‘just say it’ because they have to. Freedom of expression is a double edged sword that can make the unkind cuts and leave the listeners bleeding. So what? Speakers won’t budge for their business is- to speak.

About the author

Dr. Simmi Gurwara is Prof. and Head, department of Professional Development (Humanities and Management) at Radha Govind Group of Institutions,Meerut, UP,India. As a writer she has penned books, articles, short stories and poems that have been published in reputed magazines and newspapers. Creative writing has been her forte. Alongside, she is a columnist with a National Daily.

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