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Supreme Court Advocate complaints to Chief Election Commissioner

To The Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner, New Delhi
Dear Shri Sampath

I went this morning [April 10] before 8 am and cast my vote at the Cambridge School, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025, falling in the East Delhi Parliamentary Constituency.. A police officer, Narinder Kumar, entered the Polling Booth No 13 and wanted to know from the Polling Officers how many votes had been cast so far.

As I was leaving the Polling Station I found the same police officer saying loudly to another person “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi”.

I checked him. He replied he was joking.

I said this was no joking matter. He apologised and disappeared.

Another police officer, Kanhaiya Lal,A.S.I., then said that Narinder Kumar had only been talking to a staffer and not to a voter.

I said that did not improve matters. Kanhaiya Lal then apologised. I asked him to note my complaint. He refused.

A policewoman, Manju—, then said nothing had happened. When I started taking her name down, she removed the paper label that revealed her full name.

Another police officer, Shakeel was witness to this incident.

Please URGENTLY take action against the erring officers. I intend to bring this to the notice of the Press.

My mother, Smt Uma Rani was present and so was Major Navtaj Singh(Retd). My mother also pulled up the police officers.

Anil Nauriya, Advocate, Supreme Court of India,
A-121 New Friends Colony
New Delhi-110025
Tele : 26841351

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  1. My complaint above was made in 2014. How is it being shown on your website with March 2019 as the date?. This is clearly erroneous. Anil Nauriya, Advocate, Supreme Court.

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