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The only way to remove corruption-establishing a socialist system based on democracy

 Socialist Party (India) Bihar Pradesh
State Convention
1-2 February 2014
 The first state convention of the Socialist Party Bihar Pradesh was held in Patna on 1-2 Feb. 2014. Delegates, largely youth, came from 20 districts of the state to attend the convention. Omkar Singh, national general secretary, inaugurated the convention and Jai Singh Verma, senior party member from UP presided over the inaugural session. Bhai Vaidya, national president, Dr. Prem Singh, national general secretary, Varsha Gupte, president, Socialist Mahila Sabha, Shyam Gambhir, special invitee to the national executive addressed the convention. The following resolution was deliberated upon and passed in the convention.
 The Lok Sabha elections are about to be held in 3 months in the country. All the established political parties are vying with against each other to grab the political power. All these political parties are trying to draft the poor and hardworking populace by misleading them through false promises, personal accusations/cross accusations, communal frenzy, casteism, language divide, regionalism, family-dynasty rule, money and muscle power while expressing phony sympathy towards them. Serious contemplation about the basic issues like poverty, the deep divide between the poor and the rich, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition, suicides by lakhs of farmers, suppression of citizen’s rights, increasing insecurity of the tribals, dalits, women and minorities. In reality, all these parties have consensus about the neoliberal economic policies (implemented since the nineties), globalization, market-driven consumerism, centralization of power and blind nationalism. These parties form their policies keeping in mind the interests of the national and international corporate houses following dictates of the apex organizations of corporate capitalism such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization. In this way, most mainstream political parties have been reduced to being mere agents selling the nation’s precious resources − water, forests and land − to the corporate houses.
The source of all poverty and corruption rampant in the system is this very neoliberal system. Poverty and corruption cannot be eradicated without changing it. However, in the name of ridding the society of these evils, some vested interests  can be indulged in the loot-game of political power with the support of corporate savvy mainstream media and foreign money. This can be seen in some  international NGO masterminds starting political party.
The only way to remove poverty and corruption would be establishing a socialist system based on democracy, decentralization and self-reliance as per the values of our freedom struggle and the Constitution. The Socialist Party with unwavering faith in the fundamental principles of socialism, inspired by the thoughts and legacy of great leaders and thinkers like Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, JP, Dr. Lohia, Acharya Narendradev, S. M. Joshi, Yusuf Meharally, Achyut Patwardhan, Kamala Devi Chattopadhyaya, Sarojini Naidu, Karpuri Thakur and Kishan Patnaik, reiterates its resolve in this convention to continue its total opposition to the neoliberal system.
In the recent months in Bihar, the pell-mell and opportunistic ruling coalition between the JD (U) and the BJP has broken. This coalition which lasted for 16 years has managed to strengthen and deepen the roots of communalism in the secular land of Bihar. The secular people of Bihar will have to wage a hard and long struggle against this challenge.  However, there is no fundamental difference in the policies and actions of the erstwhile coalition government and the current JD (U) government. Instead of trying to solve the actual problems faced by the people of Bihar, this government is implementing the corporate capitalist agenda. The whole administration is riddled with corruption and red-tapism. This means that the people are not able to reap any benefits due to corruption pervading the government schemes. Socialist Party Bihar Pradesh resolves to struggle against the corruption and red-tapism rampant from the block level to the state headquarters.
The land mafia, contractors and the liquor barons are ruining the people of Bihar. Liquor shops have been opened even in the villages as a result of which, the social atmosphere is deteriorating very fast. The youth, women and children are most affected by this evil. The land mafia is buying farmers’ land at low prices and reselling it at higher prices, which have led to the creation of artificial inflation in land prices. Socialist Party demands from the state government a complete ban on liquor and check on the land mafia in the Bihar.
The land acquisition carried out by the government under various schemes is also steeped in corruption and red-tapism. The farmers have not been paid the right price of their land even years after the land acquisition carried out by the government. The Socialist party has long been fighting against the excesses of the government and the corruption in the Biada land acquisition in Bhagalpur. Recently in Bihta, Patna, a sustained movement about these demands of the farmers was organized, where the farmers were on a fast for 10-12 days. The Socialist Party supported this movement. In various regions in Bihar, movements are being organized to address the problems of the farmers, farming and land acquisition. The Socialist Party demands that the farmers be compensated in a just and timely manner for their land. At the same time, the party requests the farmers that they should think long and hard before agreeing to sell their land for either a private or government project.
Under the rule of the current Bihar government, the education system (from primary to higher) is almost in ruins. Parents bear a lot of cost and risk to send their children, even school-going, out of the state for education. The indecent and insensitive treatment with the contracted teachers by the government is often visible. We have seen how the innocent children paid the cost of corruption rampant in the Mid-day Meal scheme. The Socialist Party opposes the appointment of teachers on contract basis and demands that the contracted teachers be made permanent with full salary. The government formed a committee of the famous educationist Prof. Anil Sadgopal and Prof. Muchkund Dube on Common School System (CSS) in 2005-06. This committee submitted its report soon to the government. But far from implementing it, the government did not even deliberate upon it. The Socialist Party demands that the aforementioned report should be deliberated upon and implemented without delay to provide all the students in the state equal, free and quality education.
The government in Bihar has recently enacted a law to start private universities in the state. This is an attempt at privatizing the higher education. This will make higher education costlier and hence out of the reach of the ordinary citizens. The party demands that the government should put an end to these attempts at privatization and instead concentrate on improving existing state universities in the state which are on the brink of disaster. More than half of the teaching positions in the universities of the state are lying vacant which immensely impedes the education. The Socialist Party demands that the government should appoint teachers on permanent basis in the universities without further delay. The government The party appeals to the government to develop Vikramshila University on the pattern of Nalanda University.
The Socialist Party expresses deep concern on the plight of the farmers and agriculture. There is a great dearth of agricultural facilities and the farmers are not able to get the right price for their produce. The farmers are being exploited by the middlemen. The government is indifferent. The Socialist Party demands that the government should make available basic facilities like irrigation, seeds, credit, haulage, markets, storage among others for the farmers and ensure appropriate price for their produce on a priority basis.
The only road which leads to the prosperity and economic progress of Bihar is through the small and cottage industries. By establishing the agriculture based small industries in the villages of Bihar, the life of rural Bihar can be made prosperous. But because of the indifference of the government, all the small and big industries have been shut down. The Socialist Party demands that the industries of Dalmia Nagar, the jute mills of Katihar, the weavers’ industry of Bhagalpur, the Khadi Gramodyogs in various districts of Bihar, especially Madhubani, the sugar mills of Champaran should be reopened without delay. At the same time, party demands that the lichi-based industry in Muzaffarpur, the banana and lichi-based industry in Navgachhiya and Bihpur regions, the fisheries industry, by managing water resources, in Lakhisarai and the banana-based industry in Hajipur should be started. The party will start a movement throughout Bihar to implement the agro- industry based policies.
The Socialist Party had made a demand to the central government to enact ‘Full  Employment Guarantee Law’ to ensure employment to all eligible men and women. The party appeal to the Bihar government should to take initiative in this direction. The government should also give Rs. 5000 per month unemployment allowance to all unemployed citizens and pension to senior citizens of Bihar.
The displaced people of Baghmati dam have been agitating for a long time. The Socialist Party supports their cause and demands from the government to give immediate justice to the displaced people.
The state of law and order in the state is not good. The party demands that the government should take strong action against the culprits of the Farbisganj shooting incident and the law and order should be strengthened in public interest and to ensure women’s safety. The party further demands that the State Roadways Transport Corporation should be strengthened and extended to ensure that the public transportation system is comfortable and effective.
Today the folk-arts and folk-artists of the state are in a dismal state due to the indifference of the government. The folk-arts and folk-artists are not being accorded due honour nationally and internationally. The various dialects and languages of Bihar are also in a bad shape. Various language academies are almost dead and as a result, the litterateurs of these languages and dialects are in danger of being lost in the darkness of anonymity. The Socialist Party is dedicated in the preservation of the cultural glory of Bihar. In this direction, the party demands that the government should take special steps to preserve the folk-arts, to activate and revitalize the language academies and to establish a special academy for Angika language.
There is a great need for a creative youth policy in Bihar. A special committee should be formed to give suggestions to the government so that there is an increase in the interest taken by the youth in ideas, literature, art, culture, theatre and sports. The government should formulate and put into practice youth-oriented policies on the basis of the committee’s suggestions for the rural and urban youth.

Thus stands the Socialist Party
Upholding brotherhood and equality

Proposed by : Dr. Bhanu Udayan (general secretary)
Supported by : Sachidanad Singh, Dr. Sushil Kumar, Renu Singh, Ranjit Mandal, Gautam Preetam, Neeraj. 

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