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To Run On Wheels For R.D.Parade-‘Narali Pornima’

‘Narali Pornima’- Festival Of Maharashtra’s Koli Community
New Delhi, Jan. 8:  The State of Maharashtra has been blessed with a long coastline of 720 km.  The contribution of the Fishery business is significant and so is their important festival of ‘Narali Pornima’ celebrated by fishermen community.  The 66th Republic Day of the country will for the first time see participation of this festival in the form as a tableau.

Every year, tableaus from various Central Government Offices, State   Governments are on a display to represent their special activities, major festivals and significant places. The tableaus project the traditions and customs of that particular state.

Since 1950, India has been hosting head of state or government of another country as the state guest of honour for Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi.

After short listing the open hand, the theme of Fishermens’ festival, ‘Narali Pornima’, has been approved by the Ministry of Defence.  “This will be the first time that the coastal festival will be celebrated as landmark area and will be brought on the national stage,” says the Assistant Directorate of the Cultural Affairs Department, Ramesh Panchaal.

The tableau has been made colourful with a boat and a mural of Lobster at the forefront and at the rear we find a big Coconut, sea shells, conches and murals of fish and other species and unique stones found in the sea. Murals of abundant variety of fish have been portrayed very scenically on the tableau. Different styles of nets used for fishing would also be an attraction. A big Coconut to offer to the Sea God has been placed in the Centre and two couples – one on the right and other at the left have been shown performing the Pornima Puja. 6 Artists representing the Koli community will be performing Koli Dance and dancing on the tunes of “Daryavari Aamchi Daule …… Aamhi Aho Jatiche Koli” a famous Marathi song sung by the Koli samaj people.
Maharashtra’s Tableaus have been accorded first prize many a times, and this year too, we are been putting our sincere efforts to regain this recognition for another time as well, says Shri Patil, an officer of the State’s Culture Department. Artists of Arvind Rajput Troupe of Mumbai have landed in the national capital and have started their practice for the D-Day celebrations.

‘Narali Pornima’ (Coconut Festival) is a major festival and part of Maharashtra’s rich culture.  It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by the Koli Samaj of coastal Maharashtra. The story that goes behind celebrating this festival is that the sea is uncalm and stormy from June to August.  This forces the fisherman to put at home and cannot go fishing.  However, a belief that the Sea calms down from the full moon day from the month of Shravan, that these fishermen organize a Pooja, offer Coconut to the Sea God Varuna.  They chant prayers for the calmness of the sea and protection of their lives.  Thus, this festival marks the beginning of new season of fishing and a vibrant atmosphere is spread all around.

The Designing of this Tableau has been done by former Prof. Dr. Narendra Vichare from Sir J.J.School of Arts has designed this tableau for the national day celebrations.”  A replica presentation and a 3-D presentation of the Tableau would definitely steal the show, says Pramod Patil, Assistant Director.

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