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Were you Atal ji’s candidate from Jabalpur, Mr. Gandhi ?

10 questions to AAP candidate Shri Raj Mohan Gandhi
New Delhi. Socialist Party (INDIA) candidate for east Delhi parliament constituency Dr, Prem Singh has asked 10 questions to AAP candidate Shri Raj Mohan Gandhi. In an open letter to Shri Gandhi, Dr. Prem Singh asked, “Whether the senior leader of the Jansangh/ BJP, Atal Bihari Vajpayee fielded you for the Lok Sabha election from Jabalpur in 1980? Which other Lok Sabha election have you contested; from which parties?”

Dr. Prem Singh’s open letter is as follows-
1.      The ‘Moral Re-Armament’ (MRA) is related to the neo-colonial and neo-imperialist agenda run by the American power establishment including the CIA. How long and in what capacity have you been associated with this organisation?
2.      Whether the senior leader of the Jansangh/ BJP, Atal Bihari Vajpayee fielded you for the Lok Sabha election from Jabalpur in 1980? Which other Lok Sabha election have you contested; from which parties?
3.      What is your political ideology? Are you, like Arvind Kejriwal, a supporter of Capitalism?
4.      The governments are rapidly moving towards the marketization and privatization of the education system. School and higher education is getting out of the reach of the significantly huge lower classes and even the middle class. This costly education is going to blunt the original talent of our children. As a learned author, have you shared your views with the readers/public on this serious issue?
5.      According to the government’s statistics, a large number of farmers have committed suicide in the last couple of years. This tendency of committing suicide is also on the rise, with entire family, among small traders. Have you written on this worrisome problem?
6.      Have you published any article/letter about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, the Gujarat riots in 2002 and the recent Muzaffarnagar communal riots?
7.      As an author, apart from English, have you written in any other Indian language?
8.      How many grass-root struggles, waged to protect the ‘man in the last row’, have you participated in?
9.      What thoughts/ideas shave you shared about the recommendations made in the Justice Sachar Committee Report (2006) for the betterment of the minorities?
10.  There is an acute shortage of the basic amenities and necessities like electricity, water, education, roads, cleanliness and loan facility in the East Delhi region, especially in places like Okhla, Trilokpuri, Kalyanpuri, Khureji, Seelampur, Shahadara and villages in the area. There is hardly adequate number of maternity homes for the pregnant women and schools for girls. There is a terror of the water tanker mafia. Did you ever take any steps to mitigate these problems of the residents of this area before becoming a candidate from this constituency?
And lastly, it is not a question but a matter of great regret, are you not openly perpetuating the politics of dynasty, that too in the name of Mahatma Gandhi, the jewel of the entire humanity?
Dr. Prem Singh
Socialist Party candidate from East Delhi constituency

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