What needs to done to integrate J&K with rest of India?

What needs to done to integrate J&K with rest of India?

Jammu, October 22.

         27th Oct. this year shall be 71st year of J&K Accession with the Union of India. This is important for every citizen of India to know that the Parliament of India has not cleared the domain of Constitution of India to include Jammu & Kashmir as Indian Union State, like others. The citizens of India in Jammu & Kashmir called permanent residents have not been guaranteed Fundamental Rights incorporated in it from Art. 12 to 35. In 1954 Art. 35 A was inserted which gave power to the State Govt. of Jammu Kashmir to curb any Fundamental Rights. Public Safety Act was inserted in J&K Constitution in 1978 empowering a District Magistrate to put anybody in jail without trial. Prof. Bhim Singh, the then MLA was put in jail during Poonch agitation for seeking justice and jobs. Addressing media persons here today, Prof. Bhim Singh said,

          “Public Safety Act rules even today. Thousands of youth have been illegally detained in jails for years. This has curbed application of Fundamental Rights to the permanent residents of the State, because of Art. 35 A.

          The Accession Celebration Committee is going to organize 71st Accession Celebration at Dogra Hall, Jammu on 27th Oct., the Day, Maharaja Hari Singh had signed the Instrument of Accession. This Instrument of Accession has not been implemented till date by the Parliament of India as Jammu Kashmir continues under temporary Art. 370, which does not permit even Parliament of India to legislate in respect of any provision of Indian Constitution. The Parliament has failed to invoke the spirit of the Instrument of Accession for 70 years. This is the reason that  permanent residents in Jammu & Kashmir have remained denied of all Fundamental Rights, which they deserve as citizens of India. This is discrimination against J&K, that the state has 6 years life of the Assembly, and the people remained denied of all Fundamental Rights.

          The J&K Accession Day Celebration Committee is organizing a solidarity day with the permanent residents of J&K on 27th Oct., 2018 at Dogra Hall, Jammu. Several prominent and noted persons shall be participating in the celebration. The Committee shall also pass a resolution as “what needs to be done” to integrate entire state of Jammu & Kashmir for its smooth and workable integration with the rest of the country. The ballot and not the bullet shall be the resolution”.

          Others who were present in the press conference included P.K Ganju, Sr. Journalist,  Anita Thakur and Shanker Singh Chib.

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