Tips for Inverter Battery Maintenance

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20 Dec 2022
Tips for Inverter Battery Maintenance

tips for inverter battery maintenance

In India, load shedding or power outages happen frequently. The possibility of a power outage is unknown to people. Additionally, summertime temperatures aren't the best. Because of this, it is important to have access to a fan or air conditioner, especially during the day. 

But how can we get power all the time? Simply get an inverter battery and begin power backup with it. But batteries need to be well maintained for prolonged use and the best results. Here, we give you some ideas for maintaining batteries. But before that, let's see what an inverter battery is and how it works.

What is an Inverter Battery and How Does it Work?

The heart of a power backup system is the inverter battery. Depending on how it is used, how it performs, how well it is maintained, and how long it lasts, it may need to be replaced twice or more. The battery gets old or worn out from being exposed to heat and being charged and discharged often. 

Technically speaking, the inverter will convert DC electricity  into AC electricity. Don't assume the inverter will generate electricity on its own. In reality, if the power goes out, you can save a certain amount of electricity and use it. It can supply power for the required appliances for a continuous period of 5 to 10 hours. On the other side, in order to store power, you must keep the inverter battery charged. The product will be essentially useless without a charge.

However, in order for you to use some devices, they must be inverter compatible. Among them are mostly air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Considering everything, we must understand that even the best inverter battery has a shelf life. With constant use, it will become worn down, lose efficiency, and even work slowly. The inverter battery will only last a long time and be useful if it is taken care of properly.

How can you care for your inverter to keep it operating at peak efficiency? So, if you decide to get an inverter battery, you must keep the following advice in mind.

  • Keep the Terminals Clean: It's important to check the inverter battery’s terminals regularly and keep them free of dirt, rust, and other damage. Make sure the water level is not lower than it should be.
  • Keep the Batteries Away from Combustible Items: It's a good idea to keep the inverter battery away from flammable items to prevent disasters and fire mishaps. Through these, the battery can catch fire.
  • Check the Acid Levels: Take a look at the float indicators to determine the acid levels. For the inverter battery to operate properly, the acid level must be the same in every cell. Make sure the batteries aren't overfilled, as well. A different course of action could be harmful to its functionality.
  • Keep the Battery Surface Spotless: To make sure a battery is performing properly, you should look for any dirt that has accumulated on its surface. Try wiping it down with a dry towel if you detect any dirt. You can keep the battery clean in this manner.
  • Wire Damage and Performance: Look at the battery cables for crimps, breaks, and insulation that have melted. Damaged cables increase the risk of short circuits and other dangers in the home. They also make batteries work less well.

Bottom Line

You must take good care of an inverter battery because it functions as the heart of your inverter. To ensure longevity, the necessary replacements and maintenance must be performed. We know that the risks never go away. However, one can save money, effort, and time by maintaining it. So be wise and look after the inverter battery that comes with a warranty and service like Luminous'.

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